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A "This Is Gentlemen" Moment

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Something sober to thin down the moonjuice before the weekend:

Ethereum past $100


I’m not liking this whole “Bitcoin to the Moon on devasted fundamentals,” thing we got going on right now. Having to resist the fomo. I certainly hope those off chain scaling fanatics drop the price if BTC forks,I don’t want to be left behind.

What caused the jump?

could be ripple pump earlier this week is selling off into ETH + big announcements coming up next week. but the real answer is no one really knows except more buyers than sellers.

Facebook group posters remain quite conservative, expecting mostly $200 or $300 ETH by the end of 2017, although $500 can be seen too.

Bitcoin hitting $2000 on Bitfinex


u/Merlin560: Point and Figure Update It did not take long to hit our first price target at $1,940. And now we are at the Long Pole. The price looks like it just keeps getting stronger. The Alts continue move up as well. Is this because the Japanese are going nuts? Is it because there are bad bongos coming out of China? Or is it just “growth.” Anyone telling you definitively what is driving this will be lying to you. For now the pole grows higher. If it turns quickly expect to see lows around $1,800. Obviously, that is not the end of the world. But, I am going to sit back and enjoy this. It was payday today…and I made more on paper before six AM this morning that I got paid last week. Not a bad place to me. Enjoy it while its going up. PS: Happy Birthday to my daughter! The Daily Chart

For those who don’t know, a “long pole” warning means a correction is due. However, in bubbles these corrections sometimes don’t come – the worse is then the burst.

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