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Altcoin trading charts


Bitcoinwisdom.com was superb but sadly, it is no longer updated. No new markets, no new exchanges. Not so good for altcoins.


Good source of information. Cryptocoincharts.info keep stats for most traded pairs, most growing pairs and situation at many exchanges (even at smaller ones). The charts could be better though.


Cryptowat.ch is probably best option nowadays, especially if you are looking for better charts with Poloniex data. (See links to charts here).

You can select your indicators in settings, drawing tools are available too (see image below).

####Better Poloniex charts

Because if you trade altcoins then you probably trade on Poloniex. Charts there are not quite advanced.

Go for Cryprowatch for better trading charts.


If you only want to have a quick look or if you are up to some more advanced technical analysis (whether or not it may work with altcoins), do try TradingView. They don’t have a selection of exchanges and marketplaces like Cryptowat.ch but their charting is a bit more advanced.

You can access the charts without registration by typing the code of the pair into the input field in upper left corner. They have XMRBTC of HitBTC and ETHXBT of Kraken.

No MAID or FCT, actually no Poloniex charting.

####Ethereum Charts

If you are trading the pump now, you will be interested in this. EthereumWisdom has Karken, Poloniex, Gatecoin and BitTrex ETH markets.

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