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Altcoin trading charts


Image: Altcoin trading charts

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Free Cryptotrading Charting Tools


Bitcoinwisdom.com was superb but sadly, it is no longer updated. No new markets, no new exchanges. Not so good for altcoins.


If you only want to have a quick look or if you are up to some more advanced technical analysis (whether or not it may work with altcoins), do try TradingView. Back in the day they didn’t support much of crypto but that has since changed. And also, their charting is a lot more advanced than what you get in most cryptocurrency places.

The platform is regularly updated, it supports most cryptocurrencies that have at least some volume and there is a rich library of TA tools. Free plan is available but getting more and more limited. – In the past years, Tradingview had a sale during the black monday thing so you might want to sign up for a free account and wait for a notification about this year’s sale.


Cryptowat.ch is a good but not the option nowadays anymore, especially if you are looking for better charts with Poloniex data.

You can select your indicators in settings, drawing tools are available too (see image below).

The drawback is the amount of resources cryptowatch uses – even good computers will start overheating if you keep 3-4 cryptowatch charts open in Chrome, while with Tradingview this problem doesn’t occur.

Your own thing – Better Poloniex or Bittrex charting

If you trade on Poloniex you probably know how cranky their website can be. You can simply use either Tradingview or Cryptowatch if you want more reliable charting. But additionally, if you have built your own trading interface via APIs you can use both Tradingview and Cryptowatch charts as an embed. In fact, Bitfinex uses Tradingview embeds on their exchange.

Here’s an example of a full Tradingview chart

Tradingview PRO

Tradingview PRO plans are honestly the best option – also the most popular among traders. You’ll get real time data and pretty much no downtime – that’s going to be confirmed by anyone who has used them for a couple of years.

The TA library gets user contribution which means thanks to that and to the idea of publishing ideas, Tradingview gets a nice network effect.

It’s just platform gathering people though, don’t expect it to solve all your problems: There is a cryptocurrency chat room but once the FUD gets strong you’ll need to block like 150 people to get actual information.

Take a look at TradingView plans


Coinigy is a charting platform that gives you 30 days for free to test it, then you need to pay them. They focus on smaller markets and new openings and work solely in the crypto space. Their charting is good but not as good as with Tradingview and it lags sometimes.

There is a unique feature that will be useful to some traders though – Coinigy provides alerts about new markets, ICOs and token additions across exchanges. If this is your thing in cryptocurrency trading you probably want to be at Coinigy.

Sign up for free trial at Coinigy

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