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Blog  04 Sep 2018
DEX Series, Episode 3: Andrew Gazdecki of on the Community Approach and Future of DEX Trading
Last update 29 Jun 2019: According to Andrew, the best path forward for blockchain advancements is through more open collaboration and less closed competition.
Blog  01 Apr 2018
DEX Series, Episode 2: Copy trading
Last update 29 Jun 2019: Legacy houses are capitalizing big on crypto followers. Can decentralized exchanges offer better experience in managed trading or is the space too crowded?
Blog  23 Mar 2018
DEX Series, Episode 1: Order Execution Management
Last update 29 Jun 2019: On non-custodial order execution - what has been done, what is being done and how trade buffering and zero-knowledge API keys can make decentralized exchanges fast, cheap and usable even for bot (algo) trading.
Feature  08 Mar 2018
LeverJ Review: Non-custodial derivative trading
Last update 29 Jun 2019: A mixture of DEx and a centralized platform so that the trading does not get sluggish when other folks play Cryptokitties.
Blog  01 Feb 2018
Dai - Stablecoin alternative to Tether
Last update 29 Jun 2019: While crypto circles are speculating about the fate of Tether, there are other stablecoin alternatives out there already.
Blog  31 Jan 2018
Bloomberg publishes two months old Tether subpoena
Last update 29 Jun 2019: Meanwhile, crypto traders panic and social_bfx on Reddit keeps posting the subpoena was related to the Tether hack.
Blog  16 Jan 2018
Terms of Service - Comparison of popular crypto exchanges
Last update 29 Jun 2019: Kraken, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Binance and Kucoin compared.
User Guide  03 Jan 2018
New cryptocurrency exchanges for trading in 2018
Last update 29 Jun 2019: Added Kucoin. Find new emerging cryptocurrency exchanges for your altcoin trading in 2018 (and avoid potential drama).
Blog  24 Dec 2017
CEX.IO Not Accepting New Users for the Time Being
Last update 29 Jun 2019: The cryptocurrency exchange CEX.IO just sent out an email they are temporarily not accepting new users to the platform.
Blog  20 Dec 2017
Bitfinex stopping user signups and referral program
Last update 29 Jun 2019: Bitfinex reopened user signups on January 12, 2018 and added a minimum equity requirement for new accounts.
Blog  15 Dec 2017
Kraken's long awaited upgrade postponed
Last update 29 Jun 2019: It is still happening soon™ guys!
Blog  03 Dec 2017
ChrisJ (Bitfinex) on the Tether hack and Bitfinex transparency
Last update 29 Jun 2019: A shortened transcript with the most important info from the session with timestamps to relevant parts of the footage
Red Flag  03 Dec 2017
Something rotten: Strange actions from Bittrex
Last update 29 Jun 2019: Bittrex representatives reached out to the admins of the innoficial r/bittrex subreddit to threaten with legal action.
Blog  22 Nov 2017
Bitfinex added fiat deposits and withdrawals for individual and corporate accounts.
Last update 29 Jun 2019: Yay. Oh yeah, and also EUR trading.
Blog  21 Nov 2017
Tether Emergency Notice
Last update 29 Jun 2019: This is your captain speaking: There is absolutely no cause for alarm.
Satire  10 Oct 2017
Customer Support Zen
Last update 29 Jun 2019: Poor things, they are so busy.
Blog  07 Oct 2017
Bitfinex released statement regarding 2X-coin distribution.
Last update 29 Jun 2019: They are making it convenient to long BTC and short Altcoin/BTC ratios if you care to get as much SegWit2x-coin as you can.
UserGenerated  05 Sep 2017
Bitfinex not affected by PBOC
Last update 29 Jun 2019: The BusinessInsider article was a prime example of FUD anyway.
PSA  31 Aug 2017
Don't send ETH from Bitstamp to Bfx
Last update 29 Jun 2019: Your money will be lost.
Blog  16 Aug 2017
Bitstamp launches Ethereum trading tomorrow
Last update 29 Jun 2019: And there will be free trading until October
Opinion  22 May 2017
Ripple vs Stellar
Last update 29 Jun 2019: Ripple's end of 2017 epic bull run is closely followed by Stellar price action. How do Ripple vs Stellar compare?
User Guide  28 Jan 2017
Back to Basics: How to buy altcoins (New Kraken rating)
Last update 29 Jun 2019: For daytrading you need the liquidity of your coinpair - in 2018 that can be alt/btc as well as alt/eth or alt/neo in Asia. Alt/fiat pairs are also tradeable very well.
UserGenerated  06 Aug 2016
The Finexening - Bitfinex hack
Last update 29 Jun 2019: Bitfinex was hacked in August 2016. Read the basic info about the hack and the best of Reddit's response on the Bitfinex hack from back then.
User Guide  29 Feb 2016
Best Altcoin Exchanges, Tried and True
Last update 29 Jun 2019: Where to trade altcoins? Which exchanges are liquid, which have issues and which look like exit scam? Updated for 2017/2018


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