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Blog  19 Jan 2018
First ever iOS wallet for Monero
Last update 29 Jun 2019: Coinomi integration will be available soon but Cakewallet is already hitting the AppStore.
Blog  07 Nov 2017
Hardware wallets and Bitcoin SegWit2x Fork: Ledger vs Trezor
Last update 29 Jun 2019: Both of the top hardware wallet companies have published their stances on the upcoming Bitcoin fork and how they will deal with the missing replay protection.
PSA  31 Aug 2017
How to safely move litecoins after recent network upgrades
Last update 29 Jun 2019: Litecoin got new P2SH which most exchanges and mainstream wallets don't support yet.
Blog  17 Aug 2017
Trezor devices have serious security vulnerability
Last update 29 Jun 2019: ...even after yesterdays security update of the firmware.
Blog  20 Jul 2017
Anonymous coins on the Apple App Store
Last update 29 Jun 2019: DASH wallet was released just yesterday to the Apple App Store.
Blog  15 Jun 2017
Ledger CTO says Monero viable
Last update 29 Jun 2019: The likelihood of Monero getting its first hardware wallet is growing - the CTO of Ledger wallet says the next step is providing ETA.
News  11 Jun 2017
Important - Jaxx Vulnerability
Last update 29 Jun 2019: Jaxx wallet has a serious vulnerability that is being worked on - but at the moment is there.
23 Mar 2017
How to setup Monero core wallet (for dummies)
Last update 29 Jun 2019: Monero CLI wallet is the only reasonable and well tested option we have to store larger amount of XMR although the new beta graphical wallet (GUI) is out too. Finally something user-friendly.
User Guide  15 Mar 2017
Monero Cold Storage: Current Situation
Last update 29 Jun 2019: After years of promises about Monero hardware wallet implementations in 2018 we are finally getting ... Ledger wallet in beta. Let's not get out hopes up.
User Guide  03 Jan 2017
Monero Wallets in 2018: Finally Some Progress in Light Wallets
Last update 29 Jun 2019: Updated with overview of Monero smartphone wallets and a way to run the official GUI without your own full node.



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