About XMR

Monero vs Bitcoin

Monero has far more enhanced privacy features compared to Bitcoin: stealth addresses & ring signatures

  • Stealth addresses make sure your balance of your wallet is private by default. Unlike with Bitcoin, Monero transactions to a particular wallet cannot be linked together.
  • Ring signatures make sure individual transaction outputs on the blockchain can’t be traced. Ring signatures give Monero fungibility, there can never be “dirty” Monero coins.

Trading Monero

You can trade XMR on Poloniex with fees of .15%/.25% and also on Bitfinex - sign up with this link to get the generous fees of .09%/.18%. Best Monero charts and indicators are available on TradingView.

Monero Storage

Trezor hardware wallet so far doesn’t have XMR integration even though that’s what we all wish for. Ledger CTO said in June 2017 they will implement Monero, ETA is to be announced.

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Trezor might be getting monero, too 27 Jun 2017

It looks like Slush & Co. don't want to miss out after the Ledger people promised to implement on Monero, but...

Ledger cto says monero viable 15 Jun 2017

The likelihood of Monero getting its first hardware wallet is growing - the CTO of Ledger wallet says the next step is providing ETA.

Monero mining malware 18 May 2017

After WannaCry, UIWIX Ransomware and Monero-Mining Malware Follow Suit

How to setup monero core wallet (for dummies) 23 Mar 2017

Monero CLI wallet is the only reasonable and well tested option we have to store larger amount of XMR although the new beta graphical wallet (GUI) is out too. Finally something user-friendly.

Monero cold storage: current situation 15 Mar 2017

The promises of upcoming Monero hardware wallets are for now just promises.

Privacy-centric altcoins: monero vs dash 06 Feb 2017

Monero vs Dash - both are privacy oriented altcoins which is also pretty much the only thing that many traders know about them. Let's go a bit fundamentalistic though.

Monero - where the heck are you supposed to cold-store it? 03 Jan 2017

One of the most mature altcoins. How to hold it though?

Kraken opens monero trading 02 Jan 2017

Monero trading on Kraken opened on 2nd of January 2017

Value of altcoins: money and tokens 30 Mar 2016

Altcoin value: Some altcoins are meant for payments and remittance, some altcoins are network tokens.