PSA #CryptoTrading

PSA's regarding crypto exchanges, wallets and anything that looks suspicious.

PSA How Samourai Wallet contributes to Bitcoin's fungibility

The 'Bitcoin wallet for the streets' deserves every bit of that marketing slogan.
02 Apr 2021, 23:08

PSA Trezor devices have serious security vulnerability

...even after any possible firmware update.
02 Apr 2021, 23:08

PSA PSA - Don't send ETH or ERC20 tokens between exchanges

Their smart contract mechanisms are rarely compatible. Your money will be lost and exchanges will not want to help you, for legal reasons.
02 Mar 2021, 20:23

PSA Red Flags of a Trading Platform in Trouble

Crypto trading red flags listed and explained, the poster child for troubled crypto exchange being 2017 Bittrex.
12 Feb 2021, 16:40



Crypto Security & #OPSEC

Securing Your Crypto Storage #YourKeysYourResponsibility

All how-to and guides where you learn how to improve the security of your crypto storage without a phd in computer science (for the most part).


CRYPTO STORAGE Tiered Crypto Storage: How to do it right

CRYPTO STORAGE Cryptocurrency Wallet Backups: Your Options

CRYPTO STORAGE How to secure your IOTA wallet and migrate from Light Wallet to Trinity

CRYPTO STORAGE Wallet OPSEC: Sweeping private keys and Sweeping Addresses

CRYPTO STORAGE Virtual Machine Crypto Wallets: Should You Bother?

Don't Be PWNED #CryptoOPsec

Tutorials on how to manage your email or messaging apps in a way that will help your crypto opsec, even though it doesn't directly handle your crypto storage.


CRYPTO OPSEC How to avoid email address reuse, but only having a single inbox

CRYPTO OPSEC List of tools for scam detection

CRYPTO OPSEC Security Threats for Crypto Traders in 2020

CRYPTO OPSEC The Basics of Securing Your Mac and iPhone Against Malicious Threats

CRYPTO OPSEC Twitter Memes: The most deceptive way of infecting your devices with cryptostealers

How You Get Targeted #InTheNews

The bits from cyber security news that a cryptocurrency trader should really be aware of. They are the most common ways crypto traders get targeted.


IN THE NEWS 2018 AKA The Year When Crypto-focused Malware Became The New Standard

IN THE NEWS The New Dangers of Telegram Messenger - Telegrab & Beyond

IN THE NEWS Stealer Malware Targeting Cryptocurrency Owners Got Affordable

IN THE NEWS MacOS Malware Targeting Crypto Community, Spreading Through Admin Impostors

IN THE NEWS Mac malware “CookieMiner” targets crypto traders, aims to bypass 2FA on exchanges and web wallets

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