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Web3  · 05/17/22

Interview with CryptopreneurBrainboss bounty manager

Pedro Brainboss is a crypto bounty manager on the bitcointalk forum.
As of May 2022 he has been merited 2671 times in total for bounty campaigns he manages.
His activity since 2017 has earned him the rank of Legendary on the forum.

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Tell us who you are and how did you get into crypto?

I’m Pedro Brainboss, founder of Brainboss Management service. I got into cryptocurrency at first in 2015 after it became popular in my country but it only fully became my interest in 2017.

The best way to contact me for campaign management is via bitcointalk. That’s also where you will find the full portfolio of Brainboss Management.

What did you learn from your work as a bounty manager?

What I have learnt has to be community management skills. I did already have those but I perfected my skills by doing my time as a Bounty Manager.

Do you validate projects that ask you to manage campaigns for them, to see if they are legitimate? If so, what do you check?

Of course. Firstly the website has to be cross-checked, after that the team needs to be validated. I also consider the idea behind the project.

Sometimes I cross-check the tokenomic just to make sure the project aren’t releasing mere pennies to the bounty participants.

Do you have any tips for new bounty hunters?

I would tell all bounty participants to always read campaign rules.

Even if you’re not new - don’t assume all campaign rules are always the same. Different bounty campaign can have different task requirements and conditions.

Who is the one personality in crypto that had the most influence on you?

In regards to campaign management, it’s Hhampuz.

Shill me your favourite cryptocurrency or platform!

Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin

Platform: Polkadot

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