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Crypto Black Friday 2021

Crypto Black Friday 2021 starts on November 26, 2021. Most deals will carry on through the weekend and through the Cyber Monday on November 29, 2021.

The crypto Black Friday is a major event mostly for crypto traders, because the Black Friday week is the only time of the year when crypto charting apps go on sale.

Yes, namely TradingView.

Yes, you can already sign up for the free plan and wait until their yearly 60% off deal pops up at you when you log in.

Btw. We don’t publish giveaways, competitions and exchange promos on this page. If you’re interested in those, follow the airdrops page.

Pre-Live: Sign up NOW

Here's a list of crypto tools and services that give a free tier.

Free tier means you can already sign up and just wait until they'll start nagging you with their Black Friday offer. Hint: it will be in November.

TradingView Black Friday - Anticipated 60% Off

Tradingview runs big offers on Black Friday every single year. Their discount structure goes always from 40% to 60% off, depending on the plan.

As every year, traders can start before Black Friday with TradingView FREE plan and either upgrade on Black Friday or stay on free.

Crypto Black Friday 2021
Coinigy Black Friday - Anticipated ~70% off

[!] Coinigy confirmed there will be an undisclosed offer on Black Friday 2021.

Coinigy is a crypto charting and trading interface that also sells historical OHLP data, going really really far back. They never discount the data service, but as for charting, there’s always a huge discount on Black Friday.

Start with Coinigy 30 day free trial and if you like the free tier, snatch the Black Friday deal when it comes.

Live Deals

It's too early for the biggies but some tools are already out there with promos.

Moonitor Portfolio Monitoring - 15% Off

The portfolio tracking app Moonitor gives 15% off on all plans and merch on the website until 30 November 2021. That covers Cyber Monday too, but the deal is already available.

Use code ALTCOINTRADINGNET at checkout to get 15% off on Onchain - 30% Off is a freemium tool for onchain analysis.

It has a free-forever tier that is good for traders who are starting with onchain. Active traders will need a paid plan, which starts at only 9 USD/month.

Use code ALTCOINTRADING to get 30% off of that on

Anticipated 2021 Deals

These crypto tools will only go on sale through the short Black Friday window. Here's what to expect.

FinViz Elite Black Friday - Anticipated 20% Off

FinViz Market Screener Black Friday discounts have been reported to reach as much as 75% off. ATNET could not verify whether that’s any true - next year we’ll be wiser.

FinViz is an OG stock screener that newly added support for the biggest cryptos. Crypto market screening is the latest addition to this 10+ year old tool.

FinViz gives tons of unique features for FREE, no need to even make an account. One of the most unique FREE features is the feed of insider transactions pulled directly from SEC forms.

If you trade forex and stocks in addition to crypto, FinViz Elite is a pretty good value. Full Monthly FinViz Elite Price: 25 USD/month

Go To FinViz FREE to see what you will get.

Ledger Wallet Black Friday - Anticipated at least 30% Off

Every year, Ledger wallet Black Friday deals come in a sequence.

Ledger launches a few bundle deals early in November and keeps various discounts coming until the Cyber Monday. The discounts range from 30% to 50%.

Keep up with their bundle deals here.

AirVPN Black Friday - Anticipated ~70% off

AirVPN 3 year subscription plan tends to way go from 99 EUR to 64 EUR, which gives whole 1 year free compared to yearly plan. Airvpn monthly cost is then measly 1.79 EUR.

Yearly AirVPN yearly subscription on Black Fridays tends to go from 49 EUR to 32 EUR. Still good.

If you need VPN now, get one of the shorter plans now and rebuy a long one on Black Friday.

AirVPN is a privacy-first VPN provider that accepts Bitcoin payments (directly, without any intermediaries), DASH, LTC, Monero, PayPal and more.

Crypto Trader Tax Black Friday - Anticipated Small Discount

Since this isn’t a tech gadget, we do not expect too much discount for Black Friday. Also, this is a product that does not age.

The regular pricing starts at 49 USD for up to 100 trades and goes up to 299 USD for unlimited trades.

If 10% discount would do that for you, you can sign up right now: Enter CRYPTOTAX10 here.

Crypto Black Friday 2021

Black Friday Deals 2017 - 2021

This is not our first rodeo, folks. Here's what to expect the crypto brands to drop for black friday sales.



The p2p non-custodial LocalBitcoins successor LocalCryptos launched their first Black Friday promo in 2020: 30% fee discount only on Friday 27th Nov 2020.


For Black Friday 2020, Coinigy offers discounts up to 75% on annual account subscriptions. The Black Friday deal was live on Friday 27 November 2020 only.


AirVPN had a 2020 Black Friday promo with a 74% discount on their longest subscription plans.

  • AirVPN 3 year subscription plan on the Black Friday 2020: 99 EUR -> 64.35 EUR (1 year free compared to yearly pricing, or monthly AirVPN cost of 1.79 EUR)
  • AirVPN 2 year subscription plan on the Black Friday 2020: 79 EUR -> 51.35 EUR
  • AirVPN 1 year subscription plan on the Black Friday 2020: 49 EUR -> 31.85 EUR

Ledger Nano X + S

Ledger Black Friday Deal in 2020 was a flat 40% discount on Ledger Nano S or Ledger Nano X. You needed to use a promo code BLACKFRIDAY20 at checkout.


Tradingview Black Friday 2020 sales start on Monday 23 November at 8 AM UTC for the whole week and gave the discount of 40-60% off.

In 2020, TradingView started accepting payments in BTC and alt coins.

  • PRO Plan -40%: 180 USD/year 108 USD/year ~ 9 USD/month for 2 charts per tab, 5 saved layouts, 5 indicators per layout
  • PRO+ Plan -50%: 360 USD/year 179.4 USD/year ~ 14.95 USD/month for 2 charts per tab, 10 saved layouts, 10 indicators per layout
  • PREMIUM Plan -60%: 720 USD/year 287.8 USD/year ~ 23.98 USD/month for 2 charts per tab, unlimited saved layouts, 25 indicators per layout

Crypto Trader Tax

Crypto Trader Tax started offering a year-round 10% discount if you sign up with a shill link and enter a code CRYPTOTAX10.



As every year, during Black Friday 2019, Coinigy offered discounts up to 75% on yearly subscription plan.


In November 2019, TradingView opened a “Pay in Bitcoin” promo deal. The price for the best TradingView subscription was fixed at 0.09 BTC which at the time of declining price of BTC came up to 50% off the fiat cost.

Crypto Trader Tax

The Black Friday discount on Crypto Trader Tax in 2019 was 20%.


In Black Friday 2019, BillFodl offered bundle deals on steel plates together with Trezor wallets.


For the Black Friday 2019, AirVPN offered up to 74% discount on AirVPN plans. The longer subscription you chose, the higher Black Friday discount you got.

AirVPN 3 year subscription plan with the Black Friday deal 2019 went from 99 EUR to 64.35 EUR. That is a whole 1 year free compared to yearly pricing, and puts monthly Airvpn cost to only 1.79 EUR.

Ledger Nano X + S

Ledger Wallet released several deals for Black Friday 2019. The Nano S was discounted more in bundles, but even the new Ledger Nano X sold with 30% discount deal site-wide for Black Friday 2019.



For BlackFriday 2018, Tensorcharts marked down their Premium plan by flat 50% discount. The monthly cost of Tensorcharts went from 18 USD monthly to 9 USD monthly.


Through Black Friday 2018, Coinigy offered discounts up to 75% on annual account subscriptions.


In 2018 TradingView opened a special discount offer for the full Black Friday week (Monday - Sunday). The Black Friday discount was between 40% and 60% off in 2018. As always, you could start with TradingView FREE plan and either upgrade on Black Friday or stay on free plan.

  • PRO Plan -40%: 180 USD/year 108 USD/year
  • PRO+ Plan -50%: 360 USD/year 179.4 USD/year
  • PREMIUM Plan -60%: 720 USD/year 287.8 USD/year

Ledger Nano S

In 2018, Ledger Wallet opened with the first crypto-related early bird deal, 20% off on Ledger Nano S ordered between October 17 - October 22 2018.

This campaign was followed on October 31 2018 with a limited edition of Ledger Nano S in bundles, and Bundle of Nano S color edition.

The bundle offer for colored Ledger Nano S had the now-standard discount structure:

  • 20% off on 1 plain Ledger Nano S + 1 Color Edition
  • 30% off on 1 plain Ledger Nano S + 2 or more Color Edition

The early bird offers of 2018 were finished off with a flat 50% discount on Ledger Nano S in Black Friday 2018.



For Black Friday 2017, Coinigy offered discounts up to 75% on annual account subscriptions. Same as today, you could start with Coinigy 30 day free trial and upgrade on Black Friday.


In 2017, the Nano S was still the only existing Ledger Nano wallet. There was still a Black Friday deal in 2017 on it though. Ledger Nano S sold with 21% discount through the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend.


Crypto Black Friday: Products Worth Wait For

Crypto Charting Tools worth waiting for to be discounted:

  1. TradingView PRO -- for all cryptocurrency and legacy traders
  2. FinViz Elite -- Market screener for stocks, forex and crypto
  3. Coinigy -- for traders of new markets and small altcoins

Crypto Hardware Wallets and other Crypto OPSEC Tools that get discounted loads:

  1. Ledger wallet -- everyone's favorite, hands down
  2. AirVPN 3-year Subscription
TradingView Charting Platform
Why go PRO on TradingView?

You absolutely can keep using TradingView FREE forever. The drawback is you can only save a one single chart.

That means you can only watch one market at a time, not for instance like BTCUSD next to ETHUSD.

Additionally, you have no access to intraday spread (looking into arbitrage opportunities between different fiat denominations on shorter timeframes than 1D) and the number of indicators or scripts per chart is limited to 3. That would be perhaps bbands, ichimoku cloud and MACD and you cannot even volume color your candles.

With the PRO+ plan you can save 4 layouts and access them from 2 devices, you get 30 server side alerts for either price targets or indicator value targets. You have the allowance of 10 strategies or indicators per chart.

TradingView is the most popular charting and alert tool for cryptocurrency traders to this day. It is reliable, it doesn't take up as much memory as cryptowatch and if you are willing to block 100+ people in the chat, you will find the community stunning. (Just kidding. It's a great charting platform though.)

ATNET reviews of popular TradingView scripts

The TradingView PRO and other paid subscription plans with Black Friday deal costs monthly the same as TensorCharts. To qualify for the Black Friday deal you must pay the yearly price in a single payment.

TradingView accepts payments in Paypal, most debit cards, credit cards and cryptocurrency payments via Coinbase Commerce.

TradingView accepts cryptocurrency payments in bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum and litecoin.

FinViz Elite Market Screener for Stocks, Forex and Crypto

FinViz is a freemium app for stock screening, forex market overview and newly also for crypto market screening. Crypto is the latest addition to this 10+ year old tool.

A whole lot of unique features are available for free on FinViz, such as the feed of institutional and insider transactions pulled directly from SEC forms. Particularly if you only trade crypto and nothing else, the Elite subscription won't do much for you.

If you also trade forex and stocks, consider the FinViz Elite. It costs 25 USD a month and gives you access to more advanced charting, backtesting and correlation studies.

FinViz Black Friday discounts have been reported to as much as 75% off.

FinViz has FREE Version too!

Coinigy Charting and Trading Platform

Coinigy is a cloud-based crypto trading and charting tool packed with features for altcoin scalpers, arbers and trading bot developers.

Coinigy is also great for the true altcoin traders who want to be the market makers in new markets, who want to leverage arb opportunities and want to be able to trade a market as soon as it opens.

It is not only a charting engine but also an API interface you can use to trade from an exchange account without using the exchange's web interface. UI and charting is usually terrible at small exchanges, at the same time those are the ones that you need to use when you arb.

Coinigy doesn't charge any additional fee for executing trades via the platform.

The subscription plans prices differ based on the length of your subscription.

On Black Friday, you can get a lifetime plan on Coinigy for as little as 3 USD a month.

That's pretty much for free, and you get:

  • great custom charting
  • trading on multiple exchanges from a single interface
  • notifications about new markets going live

Start Coinigy FREE trial

Bonus: Tensorcharts Charting Platform

TensorCharts are an advanced crypto charting platform with orderbook heatmap and split-colored candles. This charting app is for dedicated crypto traders who are not afraid to spend some time learning.

Unique charting tools exclusive to TensorCharts:

  • orderbook heatmap
  • counters ratios
  • custom JS scripting
  • price action sound feature

TensorCharts is one of the best tools for scalping crypto.

If you want to learn using TensorCharts, head over to our TensorCharts intro and to our collection of TensorCharts tutorials.

There is a very generous FREE tier on TensorCharts. Start with TensorCharts For Free and if you like it, upgrade on Black Friday.

TradingView or TensorCharts?

Unless you are a scalper or an advanced trader interested in super granular data, TradingView will be a better fit for you. It's more intuitive, the learning curve is not so high and the TA tools library is great especially for swing traders and other longer-term speculators.

Bitfinex uses TradingView charts on their exchange, so if you trade there, the consistency is another plus.

Start with TradingView FREE plan and if you like it, upgrade the next Black Friday.

Crypto OPSEC Tools

Ledger Wallet for Bitcoin and Altcoins

Ledger wallet is currently the most trusted hardware wallet for bitcoin and altcoins.

  • The code is fully open source.
  • The Ledger Nano wallet series supports a metric ton of altcoins, including all ERC20 compliant tokens.
  • Other than Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Zcash, Ethereum and forks, Ledger also supports cryptocurrencies like Ripple and Stratis via Ledger's Companion Apps.
  • For Bitcoin and Litecoin, both native and nested Segwit addresses are fully supported, as well as legacy addresses.
Ledger Nano S on Black Friday

Ledger Nano S is the older model of Ledger wallet, but is still good and perfectly compatible.

Its advantage is the low price: Ledger Nano S retails at a regular price of up to 69.90 EUR (price varies based on your location and is without tax and duties).

Ledger Nano X on Black Friday

The Ledger Nano X is a Bluetooth® enabled hardware device that stores the private keys of your cryptocurrencies. It has extended memory capacity, which means it can house keys of more cryptocurrencies than Ledger Nano S.

All of our recommended wallets for traders

AirVPN - Fully anonymous VPN service that accepts crypto payments

AirVPN is the well known VPN provider that accepts Bitcoin and altcoin payments (directly, without any intermediaries) because user privacy in all aspects is the core of the product. The website doesn't even track cookies or marketing data.

If you don't want to waste your crypto on AirVPN subscription, they also accept PayPal, debit cards and credit cards.

AirVPN have their own native client for all desktop and mobile platforms, but you can also generate the ovpn files and use them with any standard OpenVPN app. There's a community forum in case it is the first time you're setting this up.

If you use VPN regularly, it definitely pays off to wait for the next AirVPN Black Friday offer and get the three year plan.

If you need VPN now as one-off, get one of the cheaper short plans now and rebuy a long one on Black Friday.

Get Airvpn before Black Friday 2021

Crypto Black Friday à La Carte

Pre-Live 2021 - Sign up now for the free tier and upgrade on Black Friday
Past Crypto Black Fridays
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