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trading technique

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Daytrading means entering and exiting the market in a single day. Is this a good crypto trading strategy?

trading technique · 04/08/22



Trading techniques or methods are specific trading styles that traders use to react on different market conditions.

There is time for caution and time for daring. And there is also the time of the doldrum, where you can be best off if you set up a scalping bot and go away for a few weeks.

Aside from picking the best technique for current market structure, let's also venture into... bro science! The truth is you will in fact learn a lot about yourself through finding out which trading styles fit your personality best. For instance, some traders get burned out from scalping really fast. Other traders find swing trading boring and filling the waiting times with market analysis or even unrelated work doesn't appeal to them.

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It is so important to use the right exchange to scalp trade crypto, and the reason is that scalping is a trading strategy which relies on taking small profits (or losses) relatively often.

crypto trading tools · 05/21/22


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