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Roc  · 06/17/22

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Crypto trading blog. Tried and true you tools for cryptocurrency trading, Tradingview script reviews, noob-friendly guides to technical analysis, advanced strategies.
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06/15/22 ·  cheatsheets  

Wyckoff Market Cycles: Cheatsheet, Schematics and Guide (Long term, Short term)

Wyckoff theory hinges on direct effects of changes in supply and demand. Its weakness is that as every TA it assumes that those supply and demand changes were done rationally and also with no agenda.

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Script Spotlight Series

Testing and reviewing free Tradingview Scripts from the public library.
Only strategies that are good for the TradingView free tier (get yours now).

Trading Strategy for the week

Wyckoff trading method for ranging markets

Fully reworked primer on ranging crypto markets. Includes Wyckoff method for market phases and recommended TradingView scripts.

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Crypto OTC: Platforms, fees, minimum settlements and general pros and cons

OTC trading is not as inaccessible as it once was. See how much cheaper is trading crypto via OTC than on the same platform's spot market. (There are OTC derivatives too, btw.)

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Staking platforms: Where to stake in pools or independently in 2022 (ADA, ETH2 & more)

List of cold staking platforms with the best terms for large crypto holders, and for small holders who are building up.

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What is grid trading? Where to run a grid bot to trade crypto?

Intro to grid trading strategies, the meaning behind the buzz word and best crypto grid bots. Also, how to run a grid bot on the cheap.

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Market Psychology: TradingView tools to read it

Crypto charting tools and scripts to work with market psychology. All scripts available for free on TradingView.

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NFT Games: What Are They and How Do Traders Make Money on Them?

Non-fungible token (NFT) games are now developing at a great speed. Possibly faster than NFT art. In line with this, NFT game characters have become an investment tool, an alternative to traditional ways of making money.

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Daytrading on Crypto Markets: Good Idea?

Daytrading means entering and exiting the market in a single day. Is this a good crypto trading strategy?

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