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Kc  · 09/01/22

Bitcoin & Crypto Trading Blog 2022

Crypto trading blog. Tried and true you tools for cryptocurrency trading, Tradingview script reviews, noob-friendly guides to technical analysis, advanced strategies.
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Script Spotlight Series

Testing and reviewing free Tradingview Scripts from the public library.
Only strategies that are good for the TradingView free tier (get yours now).

Trading Strategy for the week

Crypto Market Psychology vs *Your* Trading Psychology

The crypto market psychology is what it is for a reason. If that makes you uncomfortable, try working on your trading psychology.

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Older Trading Blog Posts

Best trading platforms for scalping crypto (List for 2022)

It is so important to use the right exchange to scalp trade crypto, and the reason is that scalping is a trading strategy which relies on taking small profits (or losses) relatively often.

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Buying Crypto Non-KYC: Where to do it with minimal risk?

There are risks to buying or trading crypto without KYC. Where are the safest platforms to buy crypto without KYC on?

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Moving Averages: List of best MAs by purpose (+ TradingView strategies)

Guide into moving averages - what to use which MA for manually and algo, plus links to interesting TradingView strategies that you can study.

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Best NFT wallets (and how to choose)

If you are sure you have a treasure, use Ledger with Billfodl. No need to bother with hardware for airdrops and random stuff.

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Ledger Phishing Attacks: 3 Easy Tips To Protect Your Crypto Stash

Phishers have been targeting the users of Ledger, Exodus and Electrum crypto wallets. Here's how to protect yourself without doing any elaborate technical operations.

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