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07/24/21 ·  crypto trading technique  

On-Platform Automation: Where to do basic algo trading directly on the exchange

Sometimes all you need to automate is buying after a decent bounce. These days, some crypto exchanges let you do that without a third party bot.

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What To Trade

Week #29
FTX (5% fee off)
Tokenized stock of Coinbase.
Liquidity Swap
Binance (10% kickback)
Up to 15% yields for small altcoins
Tokenized stocks trade 24/7
DOGE Perps
FTX (5% fee off)
Memecoin that everyone and their grandma know of
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Yield Farming Platforms in 2021 (And where to learn about every new DEX)

How to navigate the DeFi space to maximize your farming yields, plus resources to learn about the new DEXes early.

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Polkadot Vs Cardano: Which Will Reign Supreme In 2021?

Polkadot and Cardano are two relatively new altcoins with the potential to provide long-term return on investments. Learn more in our blog.

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Staking Wallets: Your 2021 Guide to Altcoin Staking Apps

Where to stake cryptocurrencies? What are the best crypto staking wallets? How does staking on exchanges work?

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How to read option charts: Market sentiment analysis based on crypto derivatives

Crypto options markets reflect the sentiment on the market and are small enough to split the whales from the retail. That makes them a useful tool for technical analysis.

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