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Glossary of crypto trading jargon and technical analysis terms most often used in crypto trading communities.

This is the crypto traders’ glossary, for lack of better term.

What you will find here are the most common technical indicators that are used in crypto trading. Each has a super short explanation of the concept and links to more thorough content.

There’s some of the funny crypto jargon as well, though: The Squishy, the Bart, the BGD, we have it all.

jargon Squishy · What do crypto traders call Squishy and how to trade it?

jargon BGD · What do crypto traders call BGD and how to trade it?

jargon Bart Formation · What do crypto traders call the Bart formation and how to trade it?

technical Divergence - Regular, Hidden, Exaggerated · Divergence is a 'level' indicator and can be the sign of reversal or continuation.

technical Ichimoku Cloud ·

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