UPCOMING AIRDROPS AND GIVEAWAYS - For cryptocurrency holders or for as little as an early signup.

Note: Never give away your private keys.

Upcoming Airdrops


ETC holders will receive Callisto tokens in March 2018

Callisto (CTO) is an off-chain solution to ETC scaling. All ETC holders who own their private keys will receive the CTO tokens. The fork will happen on block number 5500000 (approximately 5 March, 2018).

January 2018

Name Date How to access Official URL Additional Info
ELF Dec 31 - launch Jan 1 2018 ELF tokens will be granted to people who are in ELF Telegram and update their Twitter account. ELF trades on Binance. http://aelf.io/ Airdrop info
NEX Jan 1 2018, 4:00 GMT -5 Novex ERC20 tokens will be given to people who follow Novex Twiter and Telegram accounts. bitcointalk profile Airdrop info
SEM Before 25 Feb 2018, claims processed every Sun Airdrop against BTC balances at block height 480000. 1 BTC = 20 SEM. You need to sign your Semux address with your Bitcoin wallet and submit the signature to https://goo.gl/forms/tXh3Gd8Z6LddBw6H2. You also need a SEM address, wallets are on Github. semux.org Bitcointalk
Bitcore Nov 2 but claiming is still open It involves sharing your private key so do it securely. https://bitcore.cc/ Steemit Guide on claiming

Past Airdrops

  • There will be no more Stellar Lumen distributions to BTC or XRP holders.
  • There will be no more OMG distributions to ETH holders.

December 2017 Crypto Airdrops

Name Date How to access Official URL Additional Info
Daneel Nov 20 - Dec 4 Daneel (AI portfolio management token) is giving out 50 tokens if you sign-up. daneel.io/ico/signup daneel.io
Bitcoin Platinum before Dec 12 (block 498533) [BTC holders get forked coin] Equihash Bitcoin fork with SehWit2x, GPU mining and difficulty adjustment every block (basically BTG2x). Github bitcoinplatinum.github.io
Bitcoin Super before Dec 17 (block 498888) [BTC holders get forked coin] Experimental Bitcoin fork with smart contracts, LN, zero-knowledge proof and bigger blocks. supersmartbitcoin.com supersmartbitcoin.com
Bitcoin Cash Plus Public launch 2nd of Jan 2018, fork at block 501407. [BTC holders get forked coin] On-chain scaling, SigHash for better security, EDA. bitcoincashplus.org bitcoincashplus.org

November 2017 Crypto Airdrops

Name Date How to access Official URL Additional Info
AltCom Extra Airdrop November 1 To receive an Airdrop you must put in your receiving address somewhere on your Bitcointalk account details or your ALTCOM forum account. bitcointalk.org On Twitter
Byteball Airdrop November 4 05:23 UTC -- Full Moon Have BTC in a non-segwit address, have GBYTE in your wallet. byteball.org 16 BTC = +0.1 GB, 1 GB = +0.1 GB. More about GBYTE.
Bitcoin 2x Fork November 2017 at block 494,784. Have BTC in a wallet where you control private keys. Official announcement on Github Countdown on Github. Jimmy Song's What you need to know about SegWit2x.

October 2017 Crypto Airdrops

Name Date How to access Official URL Additional Info
PowToken Airdrop October 3, 2017 Sign up with FB at powtoken.com powtoken.com -
Xenon Airdrop October 4-6, 2017 Have ETH in MyEtherWallet - For ETH holders with more than 0.1 ETH
Helium Airdrop October 9, 2017, 9 PM UTC Spreadcoin holders on Bittrex and Cryptopia heliumpay.com Helium is going to be distributed to Spreadcoin holders with snapshot on October 10 at 10AM NZ local time (Monday October 9, 9 PM UTC). You are eligible if you have Spreadcoin in your local Spreadcoin wallet or on Cryptopia, not on Bittrex.
Bitcoin Gold Fork October 25, 2017 Bitcoin holders in wallets where they control seeds, Bitcoin holders on Coincheck btcgpu.org Bitcoin Gold (BTG) is a friendly BTC fork on October 25. Holders of BTC get the dividend. Japanese exchange CoinCheck will distribute BTG tokens to BTC holders.