Crypto token airdrops and bounties in exchange for social media activity on cryptotwitter or for an early signup.

Current Bounties & Airdrops List 2018

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Upcoming and current airdrops 2019

Name Date How to access Official URL Additional Info
MAN Airdrop to token holders On 5 May 2019 With the mainnet launch of Matrix AI Network, total of 300,000 MAN to be airdropped to MAN holders who are holding 100 MAN or more on KuCoin. Snapshot runs on 5th of May at 6 PM UTC+8. participate announcement
Bethereum Prize Pool Until 1 June 2019 Bethereum, the betting platform on ETH, is giving away free bets with the chance to win prizes from a pool worth 12M Bether. Upon signup you get enough points to make your bets, and you can wager on sports and esports. join web
FanEspo Big Competition (ERC20) Limited Fanespo is launching a new promo contest worth $40 in tokens. Details will pop up on you when you sign up on site. In general, the eSports platform FanEspo is giving away the total of $1.6 million of tokens in contests. Top winner's prize is over $100K worth. You need to have a FanEspo account, the tokens you get are beta but they will be transferred into real tokens upon launch. Estimated value is 1 USD per token. details make acct
Greencoin Airdrop Until 15 May 2019 Greencoin Team has decided to give away 500 000 GNC worth 150k USD in total. Simple social media tasks - twitter follow, medium follow etc - each pays 200 GNC each. join web
BlockWage Airdrops + Bounties Recurring Platform for freelancers marketplace. Airdrops randomly announced via Discord, there's also the possibility of Masternodes. join web
DSTRA / $DST Discord Airdrop Biweekly DSTRA is PoS Scrypt Masternode coin with limited supply that will be used in DEX environment and marketplaces. There are airdrops every two weeks, users need to register via discord. Regular payouts verified. discord rules
HubrisOne Airdrop Round + Bounties Weekly (16 weeks of airdrops, each weekly round starts on Tue) HubrisOne is a UK financial service that offers personal and business crypto-friendly bank accounts and crypto-fiat cards. The easiest way to get the token is to download their banking app, which gives you 1000 tokens (10 USD) but there is a massive bounty campaign with weekly payouts. The work ranges from social media engagement or Bitcointalk signature to content creation, all must be properly reported. New round starts every Tuesday, but on other days they publish random airdrops on their Twitter. airdrop, bounty twitter (more drops)
BitcoinLux Bounty From 28 March 2019 A project that requires you to install their wallet, be vigilant here. Drops coins for blog or social media shilling. details web
SiQs Bounty As available New smart-contract based marketplace for freelancers. Pre-alpha minimum product available, just as litepaper and wallets for Linux and Windows (sadly not paper, so be vigilant). Runs on PoS / MN. Join discord for airdrops. discord wallets
Synchrotron / $STC Airdrop #15 30 weeks of airdrops (Airdrop #15 starts 25 March 2019) Hybrid PoW/PoS payment cryptocurrency. The team drops 72% of supply (18 MM coins) during 30 weeks of airdrop campaign; there is additional budget for bounties. The bounties are announced on discord server. Each airdrop round runs from Monday 10AM UTC to Friday 10PM UTC. Validation runs weekends and distribution Mondays. You need to download a $STC wallet. drop rules in this thread info
Cargo Coin Bounty Weekly Cargo Coin, a token for transport & logistics with an ICO past the soft cap by now, is having a weekly extensive bounty. It spans from simple retweets to YouTube reviews - make your bounty hunter account and pick your poison. join info

About Crypto Airdrops Published Through AltcoinTrading.NET

Upcoming Crypto Airdrops in 2019

This is our list of verified cryptocurrency airdrops, published in two sections:

  • Top table - UPCOMING: Airdrops that are live or going live in the days to come. Newly added airdrops come to the top of the table.
  • Bottom table - RECURRING: Regular airdrops and bounties - campaigns that keep repeating weekly or monthly. When the time for the next round comes though, we’ll bump the event to the top table as well.

Crypto Bounties, Special Events, Collectibles and Early Opportunities

Occasionally, you’ll see here not only token airdrops and bounties but also special events that happen mainly in the dApp gaming world.

During festive seasons, blockchain game outfits organize special bounty hunts where users can gain rare in-game assets or collectibles that can be later auctioned on OpenSea or other marketplace for rare digital items.

When we find an interesting newly launching coin that offers a good mining or staking opportunity at that early stage, we might mention it here as well.

Are Crypto Airdrops Safe?

We do our best to hand-pick and verify all the information about airdrops and forks that we get.

  • When a project looks slightly fishy, we won’t publish it.
  • When you need to submit your documents to receive an airdrop, we’ll warn about it: It is likely someone is just fishing for ID scans to sell them.
  • Likewise, when you need to install extra software to get the airdrop, we’ll warn. The code can carry anything.

There is not enough space in the table to expand on the warning, you will get better information from our Medium page “CryptoLounge” where the airdrops are republished.

However, we still cannot guarantee anything. You should still be careful when claiming coins. The information published here comes without any guarantees from us, you are responsible for your own security.

General Crypto Airdrops FAQ

What are cryptocurrency airdrops?

A token airdrop is a PR tool used in the cryptocurrency space to increase brand awareness of new blockchain projects. Tokens related to new projects are typically distributed as bounties for social media engagement.

Now that Facebook and Google banned ICO advertisement it is likely that companies launching an ICO will make more use of airdrops and bounties as a form of advertisment, at least for some time.

What is the difference between a fork and an airdrop?

From a user’s point of view, in an airdrop every participant who meets the conditions receives the advertised amount of free tokens. In a fork, every holder of another cryptocurrency receives the advertised amount of the forked cryptocurrency without doing anything. The holder may choose to not access the forked coins and ignore the fork completely, they will still be in the holder’s possession though.

More technically, airdropped tokens often live on the Neo or Ethereum blockchain, therefore the tokens can be stored in a Neo or Ethereum wallet respectively. In a fork, a new blockchain is created that has the same history as the legacy chain up to the time of the fork. That is why forked blockchains need their own wallets.

What are cryptocurrency token giveaways, contests and bounties?

In a token giveaway only a small number of participants is randomly drawn and receives the free tokens.

  • Contrary to that, in an airdrop every participant receives the free tokens.

In a contest, users submit some form of work (often design work) but the team only rewards the selected best work.

  • Contrary to that, in a bounty every approved work receives the tokens.

What are the risks to participating in cryptocurrency airdrops or bounties?

Airdrops and giveaways are not directly risky as long as the user does not need to install new software to access the tokens. Even so, by signing up and giving away their email address users are opening themselves to a range of phishing attacks and attempts to hack their cryptocurrency exchange and web wallet accounts.

Cryptocurrency forks are directly risky because to access the forked coins one needs to import private keys into a third party wallet. Therefore it is recommended to move the legacy chain coins out to a newly generated legacy wallet before importing the private keys to the forked chain’s software.

If it is required to install a specific client to receive airdropped tokens, it is safer to do it on a device that does not have the legacy chain’s wallet. It is only somewhat safe-ish to install the new wallet on a virtual machine.

Recurring Cryptocurrency Airdrops

Daily & Weekly Airdrops, Bounties and Contests

Name Date How to access Official URL Additional Info
ZNCoin Weekly Airdrop Weekly Airdrop gives 5000 ZNCoin for joining the Discord channel, following on Twitter and retweeting a post. Work needs to be reported in forum under the 'join' link. You need a ZNCoin address. join rules
DSTRA / $DST Every two weeks DSTRA is PoS Scrypt Masternode coin with limited supply that will be used in DEX environment and marketplaces. There are airdrops every two weeks, users need to register via discord. discord ann
InnerCore (ERC20) Daily Innercore network is a platform for easier dApp development. The team started a lotrery where users can win tokens every day for commenting on the bitcointalk ann thread or tweeting about the platform. Join link is a registration where you put your bitcointalk username and ETH address, it also has the link to the ann thread. join web

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