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Upcoming crypto airdrops, bounties, whitelists, nft promos - Crypto Airdrops

AltcoinTrading.NET team provides you with the best upcoming airdrops, upcoming NFT airdrops, marketing bounties and fee discounts on crypto markets. Weekly airdrop alert by mail.

Welcome to the list of upcoming crypto airdrops, bounties and exchange promos with the update note for October 2022.

In the past weeks, we have seen the volume of airdrops thin down. One of the blockchains that still gets a decent volume of opportunities is MATIC with new tokens launching there.

Other than that, trading competitions and exchange promos are getting better in terms of how much they pay, but not in terms of how many people get actually paid.

At the moment, the three exchanges that offer regular trading competitions are Phemex, Bitforex and Bitmart. The exchanges and LATOKEN run Gleam airdrop events almost every week.

While the system of token key or NFT key as a condition to receive future airdrops is pretty censorship resistant, it also naturally makes it the prime avenue for scammers.

In the past weeks, we have seen an increasing number of airdrops that claim to pay tokens only to addresses that hold an NFT key that however needs to be purchased. One of such listings is still up on Opensea.

This is the same scam as the good old “send 0.1 ETH to receive giveaway” that was everywhere on Twiiter at one point. There will be no airdrop, the address will just pocket the payment for the NFT key and vanish.

Airdrops are a promotional tool, do not ever pay any money to participate - not even for an NFT key.

Airdrops Alert

The lists below are updated daily. Come back every evening and check the updates!

If you prefer social though:

Live & Upcoming Crypto Airdrops 2022

airdrop  There is a mandatory task to vote on a project at DAOmaker. Pool of this Gleam looks good, but it will be little per person as everyone who votes gets a share: 30,000 $LEND Tokens + NFT.


until 3 Dec
airdrop  A Gleam airdrop with all tasks mandatory. Prize pool is 20 MM $POCKET which is 2 MM USD.


until 30 Dec
airdrop  This is a long Gleam with optional daily bonus tasks. Pool worth 50k USD in tons of NFTs, each NFT worth 50-500 USD.


until 1 Dec
airdrop  LATOKEN is running a bunch of new airdrops: ZFM, OMG, RFX, STEP and a couple older ones like TogetDogi. Most are via Gleam. You'll need a LATOKEN account - no KYC required.


until 5 Dec
airdrop  This is a poker NFT project that is in beta. You can share a pool of 5000 USDT for completing tasks and joining Discord.


until 4 Dec
airdrop  Random Gleam participants will split the pool of 10k $DST tokens. Reward per person up to 40 $DST, not all tasks mandatory.


until 5 Dec
airdrop  A short and easy Gleam that pays 300 random users 30 USD worth, top 5 shills get 200 USD worth. Pool is 10k USD in $VRJAm tokens.


until 6 Dec
airdrop  A small pool of 3k USD for 10 winners in this Gleam.


until 10 Dec
airdrop  Fill the short Gleam to get a chan ce at one of the 500 NFTs.


until 11 Dec
airdrop  Gleam form that rewards 100 random users with up to 2K USD worth of tokens. The total pool is worth over 20k USD, the lowest prizes are worth 70 USD.


until 13 Dec
airdrop  This Gleam is run by a GameFi project and drops 10k USD worth of tokens. There are some daily tasks to rake up your entries.


until 19 Dec
airdrop  A short Givelab form that drops 475 NFTs for a P2E game. Also, pool of 49K BUSD to 95 winners.


until 31 Dec
airdrop  Read the rules for this Gleam, it wants you to submit a screenshot. The pool is 35,000,000 $WTT but tokens are not yet generated.


until 14 Jan
airdrop  This campaign is only available for those who participated in Round 1.


On this Crypto Airdrops Page:
  1. Upcoming Airdrops: Airdrop checker for crypto airdrops that are ongoing or upcoming for the days to come.
  2. Upcoming Bounties: Bounty campaigns that are currently live. Escrowed crypto bounties are always marked.
  3. Long-running crypto bounties, airdrops and opportunities: Crypto airdrops and bonuses that run periodically or for at least a few months.
  4. Ending soon airdrops: List of airdrops ending today and tomorrow, refreshed daily.
  5. Airdrops FAQ: How to stay safe when participating in an airdrop or bounty, and what are the differences between airdrops, bounties, forks and contests.
  6. Check out bonuses and cashback opportunities at


There's no way around it - if someone wants to give you free crypto tokens, you'd be silly not to take them. It's an opportunity that costs you either nothing or couple minutes of posting on social media, so why not.

Keeping this crypto airdrops page in the spirit of early opportunities and hidden gems, we sometimes include new mining, masternode or staking events.

You will always get the best chances of making money in newly launched cryptocurrencies, newly opened markets and in trading competitions at new exchanges, but please - be mindful of your privacy and security risks.

There is a quick Airdrops FAQ at the bottom of the page too.

If you want to look back and verify what airdrops took place in 2022, then head over to the Inactive Airdrops List

Live Crypto Bounties 2022

bounty Sign in with a Web3 wallet like Metamask and complete simple tasks - Like &RT, things like that. This earns you rewards in USDC.


bounty The Slice app is a Chrome extension that pays you for browsing (and for referrals). It comes with a bitcoin wallet, the ad revenue is paid in bitcoin and you can withdraw without fee via Lightning network.


bounty A community platform for NFT holders built on MATIC. Follow PLUR on Twitter and Discord to get the NFT key of - the NFT will be the credential for future airdrops. Right now, the only active airdrop is their own $TALK token airdrop.


bounty This project ran another airdrop in August. This time they reward you for signing up into the waitlist and optionally completing Gleam-like tasks.


bounty Sign up to the waitlist, verify email and you will get to the Gleam tasks. It's just follows and engagement. Top participants by points get paid most.


bounty Helix is an P2E game simulation of a city life that comes with land NFTs and other utilitities. The project rewards free NFTs for signup and referrals.


bounty This referral campaign pays 1 Spacecard & 1000 DGL coin for each invite and 10 NFTs to random winners.


bounty Complete three tasks in the description (just follow, RT, like on Twitter) and sign with Metamask or other BSC web3 wallet. The airdrop will give 1000 NFTs to random users.


first come
bounty BSC project that airdrops NFTs to random JC NFT holders every Monday. You need a Binance account and the NFT. Details on Twitter.


bounty The KYC exchange CEX.IO is starting a biweekly event in which it will give away NFTs to people for social media engagement. Only random winners get rewarded and you need to KYC.


bounty Phemex started running a Launchpad program where you can be an early-ish investor in upcoming Web3 coins and NFT projects. Landing page in join link.


first come
bounty SomniLand is a multichain project that aims to bridge Web2 social networks onto Web3 blockchain-based internet. Since May 20, they run NFT land giveaway, you just need to claim a piece of land. Click the join link, connect wallet and Select a Land on the map, click the “Be a Resident” button, and you will become the resident of that Land. Genesis residents of SomniLife will share 200M $SO token reward.



Weekly Events on Crypto Markets

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What To Trade

Week #48
Spot BNB without Binance
Bitforex (No KYC)
BNB spot trading without KYC and without Binance.
Web3 vaporware
All low-cap crypto.
Dog money
Bitforex (No KYC)
All dog money and low-cap crypto.
Tokenized AMD
FTX (5% fee off)
Tokenized stocks for speculative purposes.

Exchange promos, fee discounts, long-running campaigns

 LATOKEN is running a bunch of new airdrops: ZFM, OMG, RFX, STEP and a couple more. Most are via Gleam. You'll need a LATOKEN account - no KYC required.


until 5 Dec
 Phemex exchange (which published merkle tree of reserves) runs a trading competition with 1BTC and 200k USD in prize pool. This is a team competition, the total PNL from contract trading over team makes the winners.


until 18 Dec
 Buying crypto on Phemex OTC via debit or credit cards, SWIFT, SEPA, FPS (for UK) and ACH (for US) has now zero fee on the fiat deposit. Regular fees are between 2-4%. Available crypto: BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC.


until 1 Dec
 Trade Fan Tokens to share from pool of 6K USD equivalent of token. You only need to make volume over 100 USD. Eligible markets are spot Tether markets for PSG, CITY, ACM, ARG, ITA, POR. Reward per person up to 800 USD worth.


until 30 Nov
 Starts 10 Nov. The no-KYC exchange Phemex (that published merkle tree to prove 100% reserve) is giving away VIP account levels for 30 days to people who deposit over 200 USD worth and put down UID in a form. VIP gets you lower fees and larger withdrawal limits.


until 10 Dec
 ONLYFANS token got listed on the KYC exchange Bitmart on 28th Oct. Traders on spot ONLYFANS/USDT will be ranked by traded volume over period and 50 top traders will get a USDT bonus airdrop. Rewards go from 65 USDT to 1500 USDT per trader.


until 11 Dec
 Deposit fiat to Binance and get 10 USD cashback voucher. Make an account and head over to the Activity center. You can also set a recurring buy, as an auto-DCA.


 SimpleSwap is a no-KYC swap and exchange where among others you can buy BNB for BTC without KYC. The rates are only 1% over the market prices at FTX. Use the coupon SsITvSMQ0Cru0ERU in your first transaction to get a bonus of 300 SWP tokens for that transaction.


code SsITvSMQ0Cru0ERU
 BitKan just listed Project Galaxy (GAL), Primate (PRIMATE), Realm (REALM), and Colizeum (ZEUM) for spot trading. To promote their markets, BitKan now gives $100 bonus to new traders.


 Runs thursdays 05:00-23:59 UTC. Make a deposit of 0.1 mBTC or more, Cloudbet gives you a 100% Reload Bonus of up to 50 mBTC/1 BCH. Remember you must activate the bonus in your player dashboard before making a deposit for the bonus to be credited! The bonus is only available for the Casino, not the Sportsbook.


link ->

In case you are new to crypto airdrops, or indeed to crypto as whole, let's first explain what are airdrops, bounties and giveaways in crypto.

Crypto airdrop meaning

The meaning of crypto airdrop is fairly straightforward. It is a process where the owner of an alt coin distributes small amounts of that cryptocurrency to its community free of charge, or as part of a marketing campaign. The latter is sometimes called a crypto bounty, because you need to perform some actions such as retweeting or commenting to get the cryptocurrency.

Most upcoming crypto airdrops are announced on the projects' social media. That's how the original audience of the project gets the best opportunity to collect the airdrop or bounty, or indeed to get on the bounty whitelist at all.

Sites like AltcoinTrading.NET with its airdrop alerts are here for the rest of the people - those who want to get an airdrop but do not have the time to skim social media for new airdrop opportunities.

Browse through the archive of expired airdrops to see what kind of airdrops you can get on this website.

Airdrops are also used by new projects to bootstrap their coin’s value and utility by seeding it into the wallets of people who have or might have interest in the project. That's why some crypto airdrops are delivered to the holders of a different token or cryptocurrency.

Crypto airdrops to holders

The whole crypto airdrop industry started in this way: The first ever airdropped cryptos were Byteball and Stellar Lumens, both of which were airdropped to Bitcoin holders.

The airdrop reward was proportional to the amount of Bitcoins held by each address at the time of snapshot and even back then, larger crypto exchanges like Kraken and Bitfinex participated and distributed the token drop to their users' exchange wallets.

Blockchain snapshot is a concept unique to crypto airdrops and crypto forks, but you will only get to see it quite rarely these days. It only makes sense to do a snapshot if the campaign is an airdrop to the holders of an existing cryptocurrency, but in reality bounty work rewarded in alt crypto tokens became far more popular.

Crypto bounty campaigns

The rise of bounty airdrops makes all the sense because it leads to potentially far bigger profit for the owner of the new cryptocurrency.

  • In an airdrop to crypto holders, the owners of the airdropped coin simply give away their coin to people who may or may not be interested in ever using it. There is no guarantee the new project will receive any attention in return for sending people free tokens.
  • In crypto bounty work, people who wish to receive the token reward need to provide social media engagement for the airdropped crypto, or to create web content and publish it on blogs and Youtube. The bounty work is typically recorded in public Google spreadsheets and checked by paid staff - so called "bounty managers", typically users of online message boards who have excellent reputation in the community.

Running a crypto bounty promo instead of a simple airdrop is a good guarantee for the team behind the new coin that even if their alt coin never takes off, they are not going to walk away with empty hands. At the very least they will have an e-mail list of all the crypto enthusiasts who participated in the campaign.

DeFi airdrops to stakers

There are still old-fashioned airdrops to holders even these days, but they are niched down to provide better reach. With the boom of alt coin trading, decentralized finance, staking and yields, airdrops to dinosaur crypto holders became rare.

These days you are most likely to get a DeFi token airdrop of you are an active staker of another DeFi crypto, because you are more likely to become an active staker of the airdropped token as well.

Crypto exchange airdrops

Another way you can get old fashioned airdrops are alt coin exchanges. Smaller alt coin exchanges will often airdrop new dog money tokens to their users, or give airdrop promos with new token launches.

Best alt coin exchanges for free token airdrops and bonuses:

Best blockchain platforms for airdrops

The best blockchains to collect airdrops are the ones that get most new airdrop campaigns.

  • Ethereum
  • Binance Smart Chain
  • Polygon (MATIC)
  • Solana
  • In the past Tron any trendy coin of the moment

Airdrop crypto Binance and Trust Wallet

Free airdrops on Trust Wallet are part of Binance's strategy, because Trust Wallet is owned by Binance. For airdrops on Binance, and indeed for anything at all on Binance, you need to perform AML/KYC. This is generally not required for token airdrops nor for bounties, not even when they are done on smaller exchanges like Latoken or Bitforex.

BSC Airdrops

The Binance Smart Chain is a blockchain built by Binance itself, and their upcoming airdrops will be built using it. That does not mean that all airdrops by Binance are on BSC though: Binance gets paid for promoting other blockchains, and also generates trading fees from people trading coins from other blockchains directly on Binance.

That's why Binance does not limit their airdrops to their own BSC chain, and probably never will.

However, Binance smart chain is still one of the most common blockchains we see in airdrop campaigns. If you want to earn money from airdrops, you will certainly need a BSC wallet address.

Solana Airdrops

Solana is a blockchain with really good scalability, so it's no wonder they do not mind sending out coins to thousands of people.

You will most likely need an account on the Solana platform if you want to claim upcoming airdrops.

NFT Airdrops

An alternative to token airdrops are NFT airdrops, which are most often used by artists building non fungible token collections with the non-fungible crypto ERC-721 token standards. There is the upcoming crypto standard ERC-1155 getting some share too.

As you certainly know, ETH might be the first blockchain platform to ever get NFTs, but it has certainly not been the last. You can get NFT airdrops on Solana, Polygon on BSC too. The ETC blockchain and many others are in its infancy when it comes to NFTs.

If you are looking for a platform for a single platform to collect NFT airdrops without thinking about it too much, you probably want OpenSea.

Beware though - it's the most popular NFT marketplace which means the OpenSea NFT airdrops might be either of a poor value (as everyone will get them) or hard to get whitelisted for (as the marketplace is so crowded).

One of the first airdrop campaigns that made crypto heads talk about crypto airdrops were those by CryptoPunks, who airdropped their collectible characters shortly after Consensus 2018 as a promotion for Blockfolio app.

What do you need to participate in a crypto airdrop?

  1. Airdrop crypto Telegram

    Telegram is an app you will most certainly need. The vast, vast majority of crypto bounty campaigns will require you to join a Telegram chat. Most likely you will need to maintain some level of engagement too. That's the condition of bounty work.

    Even in plain airdrops and crypto whitelists, the registration often involves a Telegram bot that records your signup.

  2. A wallet address to send your token on NFT to

    To receive a token or an NFT airdrop, you always need to submit a wallet address belonging to the respective blockchain.

    Beware that it should not be an exchange address: Airdrops are delivered via smart contracts and crypto exchanges do not support third party smart contract transactions for security reasons.

    If you are serious about collecting crypto airdrops rewards, you will need at the very least an ETH and a BSC address. The easiest way to get both is by the MetaMask wallet which is a browser extension.

  3. Social media accounts

    Bounty campaigns will either require you to post on your social media, or they'll at the very least pay better if you do.

    You should have a Twitter and Facebook account. Having a Reddit account with good karma helps too. Some bounty campaigns reject new social media accounts, or accounts that have too few followers though.

    As for content creation bounty work, the usual blogging platforms like Blogger or Medium are accepted - no need to have your own domain. Most campaigns will accept long-form LinkedIn posts as blog posts.

    A lot of campaigns will require you to post a confirmation to a Bitcointalk thread of the campaign so you will need an account there as well.

  4. Dedicated email account

    Most bounty campaigns reuse the e-mail addresses they collected for other marketing purposes. The lists also occasionally leak through a breach, or may be sold. This means you will get a lot of spam and possibly a fair amount of phishing to the email address you have used to sign up to an airdrop or crypto bounty.

    For your own comfort, don't reuse your usual email address. Use a disposable email account.

Crypto Airdrops Security Tips

Follow this link if you claim a lot of airdrops or crypto bonuses for app downloads. It's a step-by-step guide on how to set up a virtual machine with an Android device on your laptop, where you can keep all the apps and wallets required to collect your crypto bonus, but without cluttering your phone.

Get a good altcoin wallet that will hold your tokens, click here.

Don't buy hardware wallets full price, check the Eternal Black Friday page for discount codes.

What are token airdrops in crypto?

A token airdrop is a PR tool used in the cryptocurrency space to increase brand awareness of new blockchain projects. Tokens related to new projects are typically distributed as bounties for social media engagement.

Now that Facebook and Google banned ICO advertisement it is likely that companies launching an ICO will make more use of airdrops and bounties as a form of advertisment, at least for some time.

What is the difference between a fork and an airdrop?

From a user's point of view, in an airdrop every participant who meets the conditions receives the advertised amount of free tokens. In a fork, every holder of another cryptocurrency receives the advertised amount of the forked cryptocurrency without doing anything. The holder may choose to not access the forked coins and ignore the fork completely, they will still be in the holder's possession though.

More technically, airdropped tokens often live on the Neo or Ethereum blockchain, therefore the tokens can be stored in a Neo or Ethereum wallet respectively. In a fork, a new blockchain is created that has the same history as the legacy chain up to the time of the fork. That is why forked blockchains need their own wallets.

What are cryptocurrency token giveaways and contests?

In a crypto giveaway only a small number of participants is randomly drawn and receives the free tokens.

In a contest, users submit some form of work (often design work) but the team only rewards the selected best work.

Are Crypto Airdrops Safe?

Airdrops, airdrop bounties and crypto giveaways are not inherently risky, as long as the user does not need to install new software to participate.

Even so, by signing up and giving away their email address users are opening themselves to a range of phishing attacks and attempts to hack their cryptocurrency exchange and web wallet accounts.

Cryptocurrency forks are directly risky because to access the forked coins one needs to import private keys into a third party wallet. Therefore it is recommended to move the legacy chain coins out to a newly generated legacy wallet before importing the private keys to the forked chain's software.

If it is required to install a specific client to receive airdropped tokens, it is safer to do it on a device that does not have the legacy chain's wallet. It is only somewhat safe-ish to install the new wallet on a virtual machine.

We do our best to hand-pick and verify all the information about airdrops and forks that we get.

There is not enough space in the table to expand on the warning, you will get better information from our Medium page "CryptoLounge" where the airdrops are republished.

However, we still cannot guarantee anything. You should still be careful when claiming coins. The information published here comes without any guarantees from us, you are responsible for your own security.