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crypto technical analysis

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Quite a dive into volume trading with various (free) volume profile indicators on TradingView and Cryptowatch.

crypto technical analysis · 06/27/23



Technical analysis in crypto is a big topic. Does it work? Does it not work? Is it just a self-fulfilling prophecy? And does it matter if you can make money with it?

There are crypto markets that are just plain too tiny. If anyone with 100k USD can make waves on there, do not waste your precious time trying to look for price action patterns in that market.

On the other hand, bitcoin and the big dinosaur alt coins are now known widely enough to have liquid markets with deep order books. Painting candles and manipulation sure is possible, but it is harder to pull off.

Another aspect that speaks in favor of technical analysis in crypto markets is their retail character. You have high net worth individuals, AKA whales, of course - but for now at least, crypto trading is not dominated by international financial institutions.

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