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Crypto Trading 101 Guides Guides to onramping from fiat into crypto

Recommended trading platforms

Why are they recommended and what they do best:

Options/Futures Deribit 10% Fee Discount ( Referral Code)

Daribit is your 2020 BitMEX alternative for crypto derivatives trading.

Onramp & DCA Independent Reserve (Referral Code RCZSEV)

Independent Reserve Review: Independent Reserve is an Australian OTC desk and crypto-fiat exchange with automated Dollar-Cost Averaging function and an arbitrage opportunity.

Active Trading Bitfinex (Referral Code 5egV78YtlC)

Bitfinex Referral Code 5egV78YtlC for fee discount. No Minimum Deposit in 2020.

Degen Empire BitMEX (Referral Code iYQB44)

BitMEX crypto derivatives trading. Use coupon iYQB44 for 10% Fee Discount on BitMEX.

How to manage crypto wallets and trading apps (super basic level)
Altcoin wallet guide for 2020

Where to store cryptocurrencies? Best ERC20 cold storage? See a list of altcoin wallets including multicoin wallets, web based wallets and hardware wallets.

Altcoin exchanges guide for 2020

Altcoin Trading Platforms guide. Where to buy crypto for fiat or bigger crypto? Where to trade altcoins in 2020?

Altcoin trading tools guide for 2020

Curated list of tools for crypto traders, hodlers and investors. Anything from news aggregators through free charting apps to crypto tax software.

For tutorials on wallet security and crypto opsec, head over to ATNET Security Primers. To give you the idea, the most popular articles there are on how to sweep private keys in Electrum, how to back up your seed phrase and how to set up the IOTA Trinity wallet.

Recommended Trading Platforms


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