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Crypto Trading Guides (Trading, Software, Platforms, OPSEC)

Guides for cryptocurrency traders, technical guides for hodlers, cryptocurrency platform reviews.
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Technical Guides

Guides for all things backups, seeds, trading log software, address signatures and all things software.

Tiered Crypto Storage: How to do it right (Reworked for 2022)

    Key facts:
  • Tiered crypto storage is a secure, but highly technical way to store cryptocurrencies.
  • The second best alternative is to split your holdings between several hardware wallets.


How to use TradingView multiple charts layout for trading and market timing

Tradingview multichart layout is available even for users on FREE plan. Here is how to set up multiple charts in one Tradingview window and how to use the setup in your analysis.

Bitcoin Signature: How to sign and verify a message in your bitcoin wallet

Bitcoin address signature as a proof of ownership is required as an entrance ticket to some blockchain-based investment platforms. Here's how to sign a message with your Bitcoin address in the Electrum wallet.


How not to lose

How to execute basic trading methods like portfolio diversification, how to vet platforms so that you don't get ripped off...Basically, how not to lose through lazy judgement.

How to Diversify Your Crypto Portfolio (2 No-Nonsense Methods)

    Key facts:
  • If you do not want to actively trade, do diversify.
  • Cryptos differ in fundamental value.
  • They also differ in potential valuations.
  • You can diversify via DCA.


How Do Good Traders Pick The Right Crypto Exchange

    Key facts:
  • Exchange should not hide its business address
  • Legal action against local platforms is easier
  • Look for fast processing of wire and crypto transactions



Intro Newbie Guides on AltcoinTrading.NET

Onramping and the real super basic 101s on trading are to be found here.

Volume Trading Guides

Volume and patterns are the most widely used tools among crypto traders.

What is footprint trading and how to start with it? 04/08/22

What does volume trading stand for in crypto trading and how to use it? 12/16/21

What do traders call Market Profile and does it work for crypto trading? 04/08/22

What is the VPVR indicator? Where to get VPVR for free? How to trade the VPVR? 05/03/22

Pattern Trading Guides

Head to the AltcoinTrading.NET glossary to get all the basic how-to's and also tools.

Div, AKA Divergence. Covers regular div, hidden div and exaggerated divergence with links to more info on how to trade them. 04/15/24

What is pattern trading and what are the best performing formation patterns to watch for in crypto. 12/30/21

What do crypto traders call Squishy and how to trade it? 12/30/21

What do crypto traders call BGD and how to trade it? 12/30/21

What do crypto traders call the Bart formation and how to trade it? 04/04/22

Best Platforms for Trading


Best crypto trading platforms: Why, where, how

No-KYC, Bonuses, Events

Phemex Referral Code H7QPW (Bonus)

(No KYC) Sign up with Phemex invitation code H7QPW and get more bonuses. Phemex is a derivative exchange with deposit bonuses and Earn accounts

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Onramp & Offramp

Independent Reserve Review (Referral Code RCZSEV)

(The legitest of legit) Independent Reserve is an Australia-based international crypto exchange and OTC with automated Dollar-Cost Averaging function and an arbitrage opportunity.

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Best Trading UI

Bitfinex (Referral Code 5egV78YtlC)

Bitfinex Referral Code 5egV78YtlC for 6% fee discount. No Minimum Deposit in 2021.

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Bitforex Referral Code 2630874 (Bonus)

Known For: No-KYC
Top product: low cap alts, perps, dog money

(No KYC) Bitforex is a new Kong Kong crypto trading platform for crypto spot trading, perps and token swap with low gas fees. Bitforex does deposit bonus campaigns!

Deribit ( 10% fee discount)

Known For: Options/Futures
Top product: crypto derivatives

(Quick & easy KYC) Deribit is your 2021 BitMEX alternative for perps and other crypto derivatives trading. Fee discount with referral link.


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