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Ranging Market (Sideways Market) [Crypto Trading Glossary]

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101 on ranging markets, links to strategies for trading the ranging market.

What is a ranging market

Ranging market is a market that is lacking a trend of direction. It is not bullish (not consistently marking up) and not bearish (not consistently marking down).

Alternative names for ranging market

Ranging market is sometimes called a sideways market.

How to trade a ranging market

In forex or other markets where very short term trading is common, people like to scalp the market - closing their positions after only few minutes, raking small profit.

In cryptocurrency, even in Bitcoin, the liquidity is sometimes not good enough to do that properly.

One of the old but still well fitting descriptions of a typical ranging market can be found in the Wyckoff method. The Wyckoff method is focused on longer term trades and the crux of the range trading is the identification of the phase in which the market is.

A market can be ranging because there is an accumulation or reacummulation going on, after which a bull trend follows.

Alternatively, a market can be ranging because there is a distribution starting, after which a bear trend follows.


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