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What does VPVR stand for in crypto trading and how to use it?

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  1. What it is: technical
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Tradingview never trade alone

In trading jargon, VPVR means volume profile visible range.

VPVR is a charting device used in volume trading. Volume trading is a popular technique in cryptocurrency trading.

What is VPVR

VPVR stands for volume profile visible range.

VPVR plots a histogram over one side of the chart that reveals the price levels with most traded volume in your currently visible range of the market.

Identifying the areas where high volume of trading happened brings you close to identifying areas of supply and demand.

How to get VPVR on Tradingview (volume profile visible range)

VPVR is marketed as an advanced tool. It is not that volume trading would be difficult to understand, but that VP gives real, granular market data. Your usual volume TA tools like OBV give you averaged, statistical data.

If you want rich, granular data like VPVR, you’ll have to pay for it.

Get VPVR with TradingView PRO   Get VPVR with Tensorcharts PRO

Try Volume Profile Trading for FREE

There is one good free volume profile indicator on TradingView that is somewhat close to the real VPVR. It paints the volume histogram over last 100 candles of your chart and highlights the top volume areas.

This is hands down the best free volume profile indicator as of now.

You’ll find it in TradingView library under “Poor Man’s Volume Profile”.

Cryptowatch has free volume trading indicators

Volume profile, not too different from the real VPVR, is a fresh 2021 feature on Cryptowatch.

Believe it or not, it’s available for free - but you need to look for it a little bit. Here’s how to find the volume profile on Cryptowatch.

Volume profile is often used as a complement to other methods of technical analysis.

Last but not least: If you like the Wyckoff method, plotting volume on the side of the chart can help you analyze market ranges.

Best Tools for Volume Trading in Crypto

Read our list of tools for crypto traders for more free and freemium options.

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