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This is a list of all blogs at AltcoinTrading.NET that deal with crypto charting. There might be good stuff in the glossary as well, by the way.

Technical Analysis  crypto-technical-analysis 
How to read option charts: Market sentiment analysis based on crypto derivatives Updated 19 Feb '21 

Crypto options markets reflect the sentiment on the market and are small enough to split the whales from the retail. That makes them a useful tool for technical analysis.

ScriptSpotlight  crypto-technical-analysis 
OBV: On-Balance Volume Divergence Crypto Strategies Updated 02 Apr '21 

ScriptSpotlight  crypto-technical-analysis 
Script Spotlight: Bollinger Band Width Updated 29 Mar '21 

Crypto charting 101 in ATNET Glossary

Crypto charting in Trading Strategies

Strategy: Technical Analysis past ATH with Fibs

Now that we are past ATH levels again, let's reiterate how things *really* work around here.

Wyckoff trading method for ranging markets

Fully reworked primer on ranging crypto markets. Includes Wyckoff method for market phases and recommended TradingView scripts.

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