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CRYPTOCURRENCY TRADING STRATEGY & TUTORIALS - Long reads about technical analysis in cryptocurrency trading and trading strategies.

TRADING STRATEGY Crypto Investment Strategy: Step By Step Guide

Full walkthrough with all the basics you need to have down for a sensible mid to long-term cryptocurrency investment strategy. With a case in point - XRP.

As the anonymous internet hive of crypto investors likes to put it, typically it is wiser to be the 0.01% of world’s population that own cryptocurr...

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TRADING STRATEGY Thoughts on Reversals and Psychology

Bottoming process, just as any other market reversal, is strongly influenced by psychology.

The previous altcoin trading strategy post was on Fulcrum Bottom - a technical chart pattern. But there is a lot more to say to reversals in gener...

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Fulcrum bottom has been talked about a lot lately thanks to mentions in Peter Brandt's reports. Describing it as 'head & shoulders except at the bottom' is not quite cutting it though.

Fulcrum bottom has been talked about a lot lately in bitcoin trading communities thanks to Peter Brandt mentioning this concept in his reports. ...

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Market timing tools provide just the starting point of decision making but they are not as dubious as they are sometimes portrayed.

In April 2018, John Bollinger asked on Twitter what everyone’s favorite technical indicators are that they’ve mostly come to rely on. Given that m...

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Short-term trading is a way to stop leaving money on the table in sideways markets. Featuring everyone's favourite charting app - TensorCharts.

Scalping [noun] - trading technique of capitalizing on small price changes. Positions are typically closed as soon as they become profitable, ea...

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TRADING STRATEGY 3 Tips: How to vet ICOs and what to watch once you're in

To some crypto traders ICOs are so 2017, to some they are a great concept democratizing finance. There are scams and failures but one way to work with token markets is to take the past failure data and draw valuable information from them.

In a recent short note on an interesting information appeared - 46% of ICOs from 2017 already failed. There surely are scams and f...

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TRADING STRATEGY Why are Fib Retracements and Extensions Important

Fibs are the black-box tool that everyone uses because everyone uses it. Why they matter in spite of it?

Fibs, or Fibonacci retracement – the bread and butter of cryptocurrency trading when your pair keeps making ATHs. Or if it just breaks from a range...

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How to decide whether the swap rate is enough to cover your risk and why it is a stupid idea to lend your coins for peanuts.

A lot has been written about margin funding — ranging from “hey free moneyh” to country-specific tax problems. Some crypto traders like to lend th...

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TRADING STRATEGY Multiple time frame analysis: Trading several timeframes at the same time

On why it's constructive to trade multiple time frames at the same time and how to manage the stack of your positions and orders.

There are two parts to trading multiple timeframes. First part is the multiple time frame analysis: Unless the only thing you do is scalping on a ...

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TRADING STRATEGY Wyckoff trading method and ranging markets

A primer on how to look at a ranging market. Long read, specific to trading ranges in cryptocurrencies, and some basic Wyckoff method to look into the market phases.

What is Wyckoff Method? The Wyckoff Method is a strategic trading approach based on the supply and demand dynamic that forms the base of market...

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