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In this series we are picking scripts for technical analysis that recently popped up in the TradingView daily popular feed.

crypto technical analysis · 10/15/21



Under the tag 'tradingview-scripts' we are listing all our blog posts in the series ScriptSpotlight.

You can get the top 6 posts out of the series in the strip below.

In ScriptSpotlight, we pick both popular and quite hidden scripts from the Tradingview public library, apply them to a chart and test them.

You'll get a breakdown of how each script works (useful if you're learning pine) and opinions on how well it works for short term or long term strategies.

Obviously, shill links to Tradingview galore.


Black Friday sales for cryptocurrency traders and investors. TradingView, Ledger wallet, Coinigy, TensorCharts and more discount offers, whether it's Black Friday or not. - Related through tradingview-scripts (category)

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Featured blog post on tradingview scripts

Volume profile and market profile for analysts, portfolio tracking for hodlers and Google Spreadsheet add-on for cash'n'carry arbers.

crypto trading tools · 10/21/21


DeFi trading tools and scripts for technical monitoring of DeFi markets. All scripts available for free on TradingView.

On Balance Volume divergence trading made easier by transforming OBV into oscillator. Pine script available for free on TradingView.