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In P2P arbitrage, you earn money on a small markup that you circle around as fast as you can The way to earn in this trading strategy is not necessarily by having a ton of capital (although that helps) but moving it around quickly - 07/02/22
Why you want to DCA instead of HODL and where to do it best (incl auto-DCA) - 08/05/22
The Shadow system takes advantage of the small shadow that exists between the open price and the high or low of the day, and scalps a fixed amount of that movement every day - 06/02/22

Latest Airdrops & Bounties - Updates every evening (UTC)

airdrop Epic Kingdom (BSC) Airdrop - A Gleam form with pool of 90k $EKD tokens. Top referrals ...
airdrop LuxPad x Wingstep (BSC) Airdrop - A Google form where you need to RL, like and follow. Pool...
airdrop SendCrypto Airdrop and Whitelist - Long Gleam form with the initial tasks mandatory. Pool is...
airdrop Block Mega Revenue-Share NFT Airdrop - A short Gleam form that pays NFTs. Project is a gambling ...
bounty X Meta Fans Bounty (BSC BEP20) - Long running marketing bounty with 75k USD pool. Facebook...
bounty Ledger NFT Airdrop - Ledger Nano S is being phased out of production, there is...
bounty CEX Crypto Believers - The KYC exchange CEX.IO is starting a biweekly event in w...
exchange promo WAVES 20 USDT bonus - until 12 Aug
exchange promo Phemex 180 USD Signup Bonus - until 19 Aug
exchange promo AAX 750 USD Signup Bonus - use code
exchange promo Santiment NFT Explorer For Free - on Bitfinex
exchange promo Personalised NFT to Stakers - top stakers

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Weekly market events

What to trade this week

Most read post W#32

Weekly Events on Crypto Markets

Daily Candle Close
watch it here...
11:59PM UTC
Weekly Candle Close
...everyone does
Sun 11:59PM UTC
Deribit Options Expiry
10% fee off here
Fri 8:00AM UTC
CME Options Expiry
charts and data here
Last Fri of contract, 4:00PM London time

What To Trade

Week #32
Tokenized AMD
FTX (5% fee off)
Tokenized stocks for speculative purposes.
Spot BNB without Binance
Bitforex (No KYC)
BNB spot trading without KYC and without Binance.
Dog money
Bitforex (No KYC)
All dog money and low-cap crypto.
Web3 vaporware
All low-cap crypto.

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jargon · 10/26/20  Mewn

beyondta · 02/01/21  Passive Investing

Localcryptos non-custodial p2p market

Ledger Nano X

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