Blog  19 Jan 2018, 18:56 UTC
First ever iOS wallet for Monero
UPDATE 07 Feb 2018, 10:02 UTC - Coinomi integration will be available soon but Cakewallet is already hitting the AppStore.
Blog  18 Jan 2018, 10:56 UTC
First version of Bitcoin Lightning Network is on the mainnet
UPDATE 31 Jan 2018, 04:30 UTC - LN Micro-transaction protocol on the bitcoin blockchain is currently powering the Blockstream e-shop, and is buggy.
Blog  16 Jan 2018, 22:10 UTC
Terms of Service - Comparison of popular crypto exchanges
UPDATE 07 Feb 2018, 10:02 UTC - Kraken, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Binance and Kucoin compared.
Feature  13 Jan 2018, 10:03 UTC
EOS - The blockchain that means the business
UPDATE 13 Feb 2018, 13:23 UTC - EOS claims to be the operating system for crypto, effectively a competitor to the Ethereum platform.
Feature  10 Jan 2018, 10:23 UTC
TensorCharts - Free charting webapp where you'll get to watch the whales
UPDATE 15 Feb 2018, 16:14 UTC - TensorCharts are available free for now - February 2018 update adds Bitstamp, BitMEX, Binance and GDAX to Bitfinex data.
Feature  07 Jan 2018, 11:23 UTC
Review of Launching early in 2018, pre-registration available now.
UPDATE 07 Feb 2018, 07:06 UTC - New exchange built on atomic swaps with Josh Olzsewicz on board. You can play with the atomic swaps on testnet now.

Current airdrops & forks:

Name Date How to access Official URL Additional Info
Ethearnal pre-ico (28 Feb) Giveway to Telegram users via EthearnalBot. Open the telegram bot and start it, it will walk you through the claiming process. twitter
Flux / FLX 9 Feb 2018 Sign up on the official website on 9th Feb 12 PM CET with your ETH address from MyEtherWallet. Limited number of participants. bitcointalk
SEM Before 25 Feb 2018, claims processed every Sun Airdrop against BTC balances at block height 480000. 1 BTC = 20 SEM. You need to sign your Semux address with your Bitcoin wallet and submit the signature to You also need a SEM address, wallets are on Github. Bitcointalk
LEXIT On February 28th, the LEXIT team will distribute 2% of the total LXT supply (1,600,000 LXT). LEXIT is a platform for mergers and acquisitions in cryptospace. Runs and airdrops on the ETH blockchain for social media engagement. Bitcointalk
Bitcoin Private (fork) 28 Feb 2018 (snapshot date) Hold BTC or ZCL during the snapshot. You get 1 BTCP for every 1 ZClassic (ZCL) or 1 Bitcoin (BTC). bitcointalk
Byteball 2 March 2018 00:51 UTC Hold BTC or GBYTE

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