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Why you want to DCA instead of HODL and where to do it best (incl auto-DCA) - 05/17/22
The Shadow system takes advantage of the small shadow that exists between the open price and the high or low of the day, and scalps a fixed amount of that movement every day - 06/02/22
Volume Trading Strategies and how to automate them (the simpler ones) Your toolbox - TradingView, Cryptowatch and FTX Quant Zone - 03/30/22

Latest Airdrops & Bounties (Updates Mo + Thu nights)

airdrop Coinhub and MSC Airdrop - A short Gleam form that enters you to the draw. The rewar...
airdrop Holonus AMA Airdrop - Holonus is hosting an AMA on Telegram on 28 Jun 4PM UTC+8...
airdrop Royal Raffle (SOL) Giveaway - The first 10k responses to the G Form enter the draw, and...
airdrop Sneaker Swap Portal SHS airdrop - 10 MM tokens will be given away to the community for real...
bounty escrowed bounty - Weekly bounty work on social media and blog platforms, su...
bounty ATOKEN 2 weeks bounty - Token that already trades on PancakeSwap runs a promo bou...
bounty CryptoPirates NFT bounty and whitelist - Google form to get a chance to receive NFTs and tokens of...
exchange promo Phemex Telegram Promo - until 29 Jun
exchange promo Bitforex Trade To Win - 27 Jun - 4 Jul
exchange promo Phemex REVO Workshop - until 29 Jun
exchange promo USDC Interest Account on Phemex - new
exchange promo Proof of Swap (BSC) DEX Airdrop - until 10 Jul

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Weekly market events

What to trade this week

Most read post W#26

Weekly Events on Crypto Markets

Daily Candle Close
watch it here...
11:59PM UTC
Weekly Candle Close
...everyone does
Sun 11:59PM UTC
Deribit Options Expiry
10% fee off here
Fri 8:00AM UTC
CME Options Expiry
charts and data here
Last Fri of contract, 4:00PM London time

What To Trade

Week #26
Tokenized AMD
FTX (5% fee off)
Tokenized stocks for speculative purposes.
Web3 vaporware
All low-cap crypto.
Spot BNB without Binance
Bitforex (No KYC)
BNB spot trading without KYC and without Binance.
Dog money
Bitforex (No KYC)
All dog money and low-cap crypto.

ATNET Crypto Glossary

beyondta · 10/13/20  Footprint Trading

jargon · 02/23/21  Dino Alts

jargon · 03/10/22  Risk-Reward Ratio (RRR)

jargon · 10/08/20  ATH

Localcryptos non-custodial p2p market

Ledger Nano X

ATNET How-To Guides & Platform Reviews

AltcoinTrading.NET Blog

Security Concerns of DeFi & Crypto: Steps you can take to minimize your risks

Decentralisation is not a panacea. There are security risks in blockchain applications, old and new.

· uses shrimpy  ftx 

On Overcoming the Fears of Newbie Traders

Overcoming fear in trading is difficult yet possible. You just need to address your fears and work hard at building rational ways to fight and control your fears.

· uses independent reserve  shrimpy 

Wyckoff Market Cycles: Cheatsheet, Schematics and Guide (Long term, Short term)

Wyckoff theory hinges on direct effects of changes in supply and demand. Its weakness is that as every TA it assumes that those supply and demand changes were done rationally and also with no agenda.

· uses ftx  tradingview 

Staking Shiba Inu: Best platforms, how much can you earn, is it worth it?

Yes, you can cold-stake Shiba Inu. The rates vary a lot depending on the platform though.

· uses binance  allnodes 

6 Steps To Help You Choose A Trading Platform

These six steps will narrow down your options and help you identify a crypto trading platform that is right for you. Then you will be able to test-ride it, just to make sure.

· uses bitfinex  phemex  ftx 

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