Satire  10 Oct 2017
Customer Support Zen
Last update 10 Oct 2017: Poor things, they are so busy.
Blog  07 Oct 2017
Bitfinex released statement regarding 2X-coin distribution.
Last update 07 Oct 2017: They are making it convenient to long BTC and short Altcoin/BTC ratios if you care to get as much SegWit2x-coin as you can.
Blog  05 Oct 2017
RefToken: Someone's making an ERC20 coin for affiliate business and ethtrader isn't hyping it at all
Last update 07 Oct 2017: ICO in a country that won't sweat it in a niche that actually needs the product. You wouldn't expect to hear about it on Reddit, would you.
Blog  02 Oct 2017  · Guest post by atc2017
Sentiment: Altcoin Analytics Primer - NEO
Last update 02 Oct 2017: Maynard Keynes said in relation to some markets that 'we devote our intelligence to anticipating what average opinion expects the average opinion to be'.
Blog  15 Sep 2017
China bans Bitcoin show season 3
Last update 19 Sep 2017: Is China also trying to stop mining?
UserGenerated  05 Sep 2017
Bitfinex not affected by PBOC
Last update 05 Sep 2017: The BusinessInsider article was a prime example of FUD anyway.
PSA  31 Aug 2017
Don't send ETH from Bitstamp to Bfx
Last update 31 Aug 2017: Your money will be lost.
PSA  31 Aug 2017
How to safely move Litecoins after recent network upgrades
Last update 04 Sep 2017: Litecoin got new P2SH which most exchanges and mainstream wallets don't support yet.
Blog  28 Aug 2017
Demand for cryptocurrency in Asia just got less mysterious
Last update 28 Aug 2017: It might be inventing random reasons, but there is some general truth in people searching for uncorrelated assets.
Blog  17 Aug 2017
Trezor devices have serious security vulnerability
Last update 17 Aug 2017: ...even after yesterdays security update of the firmware.
Blog  16 Aug 2017
Bitstamp launches Ethereum trading tomorrow
Last update 16 Aug 2017: And there will be free trading until October
Blog  06 Aug 2017
Bitfinex is not planning to resolve the banking issues for retail customers
Last update 06 Aug 2017: News straight from the horse's mouth.
Blog  20 Jul 2017
Anonymous coins on the Apple App Store
Last update 20 Jul 2017: DASH wallet was released just yesterday to the Apple App Store.
News  19 Jul 2017
ETH multisig hack
Last update 19 Jul 2017: Some ETH multisig wallets created with parity are being drained right now.
11 Jul 2017
Where to trade blackbytes
Last update 11 Jul 2017: Byteball is a payment network that makes it easy to set conditional payments - finalize payment only if condition is met - similar to ethereum smart contracts but more user-friendly.