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Huobi is adding ETH on May 31st 27 May 2017

Last update 27 May 2017: Huobi announced an announcement this morning, many had high hopes for the withdrawal situation update -- but it's "just" ETH trading.

Ripple vs Stellar 22 May 2017

Last update 23 May 2017: And by the way, now that Bitfinex has added Ripple...will it kill the bull run?

How the legacy finance might be feeling about cryptocurrencies 20 May 2017

Last update 20 May 2017: This comes from a mainstream finance & investing newsletter.

A "This Is Gentlemen" Moment 19 May 2017

Last update 19 May 2017: A rare moment of all crypto in the green that must be noted, plus some more substantial posts from Reddit.

Monero mining malware 18 May 2017

Last update 18 May 2017: After WannaCry, UIWIX Ransomware and Monero-Mining Malware Follow Suit

Peerplays crowdfund ends in 3 days 11 May 2017

Last update 11 May 2017: Do you actually think this has future or did you just hear dividends?

Is the end of ICOs approaching? 09 May 2017

Last update 09 May 2017: The very first ICO-ish thing was fined heavily. Will new regulations pop the ICO bubble?

Grayscale did it 26 Apr 2017

Last update 08 May 2017: Look at the price of ETC yourself.

The Gnosis thing 25 Apr 2017

Last update 25 Apr 2017: A prediction market, like Augur -- but this one made it to Forbes somehow.

Opinion: Time in the market vs timing the market 13 Apr 2017

Last update 13 Apr 2017: They say that in the long run, time in the market beats timing the market. With the short term direction you cannot know for sure - even technical and fundamental analysis together with Reddit sentiment can only give you what's likely, not what's hundred percent sure.

Litecoin: This time it's different? 09 Apr 2017

Last update 14 Apr 2017: It's always different until it isn't and it's never different until it is.

About the proposed Ethereum ETF 25 Mar 2017

Last update 20 May 2017: The surveillance section of EtherIndex's rule change (which after the Winklevoss' BTC ETF seems to be the key part) proposes a strategy which might be more plausible.

How to setup Monero core wallet (for dummies) 23 Mar 2017

Last update 23 Mar 2017: Monero CLI wallet is the only reasonable and well tested option we have to store larger amount of XMR although the new beta graphical wallet (GUI) is out too. Finally something user-friendly.

Cryptosignal - New tool for Ethereum traders 22 Mar 2017

Last update 14 Apr 2017: A data scientist created a free tool that lets you correlate the dollar price of ETH with hash rate, difficulty or daily number of transactions - that's a free altcoin trading signal.

Alphabay to adopt ETH for payments ahead of new privacy features 18 Mar 2017

Last update 18 Mar 2017: With ZCash on Ethereum (ZoE) a fundamental change in ETH is possibly ahead.