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STRATEGY   Nft trading  · 11/14/21

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Strategies and a long roundabout on the NFT art industry from the point of view of a marketer, a consultant and an artist - 11/14/21
All about crypto scalping - the tools you need, the cryptocurrencies to prefer, the exchanges that will not crash on you - 11/24/21
Did you HODL for years? Coin control will make it easier to sell - 08/31/21
Now that we are past ATH levels again, let's reiterate how things *really* work around here - 06/01/21

Latest Airdrops

Testnet Trading Competition + Airdrop - 3 Dec - 13 Dec
In honor of the launch of the Main Polars Network, there will be a Trading Competition on HECO Chain Testnet with a prize pool of $300K+. Every single participant will receive token airdrop though, no need to win the leaderboard.
Meta Heroes Airdrop - until 5 Dec
This is a Telegram bot-based airdrop for social media.
Comdex airdrops CMDX - live
The Comdex token $CMDX airdrop is eligible for $LUNA and $OSMO holders & stakers.

Most read post - Week #49

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Weekly Events on Crypto Markets

Daily Candle Close
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11:59PM UTC
Weekly Candle Close
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Sundays, 11:59PM UTC
Deribit Options Expiry
10% fee off here
Fridays, 8:00AM UTC
CME Options Expiry
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Last Friday of contract, 4:00PM London time

What To Trade

Week #49
FTX (5% fee off)
The OG dog money clone in perpetual swap.
BTC Options
FTX (5% fee off)
BTC options for those who do not want to use Deribit or LedgerX.
Top gainers - Dog Monayh
Bitforex (No KYC)
Token near the top of Bitforex top gainers daily list.
Bitforex (No KYC)
Polygon spot trading without KYC.

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How Crypto Trading Affects Your Mental Health (Positive and Negative Effects)

This blog post discusses the effects that trading has on your mental health. Including the positive effects, believe it or not.

· uses shrimpy  ftx 

Why are millennials into cryptocurrencies and trading?

Millennials and investing in crypto: the perfect match. Some are conservative and go for large cryptos, some are hungry and go for alts. Here is a list of reasons why millennials love crypto.

· uses shrimpy  bitforex 

Volume profile trading on TradingView - ScriptSpotlight

Quite a dive into volume trading with various (free) volume profile indicators on TradingView and Cryptowatch.

· uses ftx  tradingview  cryptowatch 

5 Things to Know Before You Buy BNB (Binance Coin)

Binance Coin is one of the top cryptos by market cap. Let's look at the fundamentals of BNB: Is Binance Coin a good investment?

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From the industry: 5 Top Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Solutions

AML is now a requirement for most crypto businesses. But it can be such a bottleneck in user on-boarding that good AML software can provide a real competitive advantage.

· uses coinbase  bitfinex 

Ledger Phishing Attacks: 3 Easy Tips To Protect Your Crypto Stash

Phishers have been targeting the users of Ledger, Exodus and Electrum crypto wallets. Here's how to protect yourself without doing any elaborate technical operations.

· uses coldcard  ledger  trezor 

Start Here: Beginner's Primer to the Crypto Trading Industry

Full explainer of crypto markets for the unintiated - From the first ever price quote for 1 BTC to the legacy platforms adopting derivatives (and why).

· uses shrimpy  trezor 

What is Terra and How to claim Terra Airdrops?

The Terra ecosystem gives away monthly crypto to network participants in a long-running yield campaign.

· uses bitforex  shrimpy  bitfinex 

IOTA (MIOTA): The Complete Guide

Full noob intro to IOTA / MIOTA, why is it still interesting and how to buy.

· uses bitfinex 

The New Cryptowatch: How to make the most of it?

Volume profile and market profile for analysts, portfolio tracking for hodlers and Google Spreadsheet add-on for cash'n'carry arbers.

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