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Kc  · 09/01/22

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Here's something boring to keep you awake, without wasting too much of your attention.

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06/27/23 ·  crypto trading 101  

Security Concerns of DeFi & Crypto: Steps you can take to minimize your risks

Decentralisation is not a panacea. There are security risks in blockchain applications, old and new.

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Shrimpy crypto bot trading

LBC / Random Crypto Jargon Glossary

Key Points / LBC
  1. LBC is the acronym for LocalBitcoins

LBC was the once-trusty peer-to-peer platform for anonymous purchase of cryptocurrency - LocalBitcoins.

Localbitcoins started as a forum-style marketplace where you could find vendors near your location, chat with them to set up a meeting and then finalize the trade in person. Over time online payment methods were added and you could buy and sell crypto with verified or unverified digital wallets like Skrill, or you could do bank transfers.

The platform had an escrow where the crypto vendor had to mark the transaction as successful for the bitcoins to be released to the buyer. The escrow was the feature that kept people trading through LBC despite the fees and the clunky interface, although people with a trusted regular vendor often moved on and transacted privately without escrow (and therefore without LBC fees).

ID verification (KYC/AML) was originally not required by LocalBitcoins; it was sometimes required by vendors though.

LocalBitcoins started requiring KYC in 2018

LBC was the most popular p2p platform for many years, even for some time after criminals trying to cash out five figures of bitcoins through one LBC meeting started getting in jail.

The main weakness is that while LocalBitcoins are a p2p (peer-to-peer) marketplace, they are custodial - you need to send your bitcoin into the LBC wallet to make it available for the escrow.

This was the point upon which LocalBitcoins were eventually forced to require KYC platform-wide in 2018.

By then it was already rumored they tightly collaborate with law enforcement and since there were other options with less hassle and better privacy in 2018, people simply left LBC abandoned.

Where to buy bitcoin and altcoins anonymously in 2020

Platform called LocalCryptos is where P2P trading is at in 2020. LocalCryptos are not related to LocalBitcoins. You can get rates from 1% above market and fees are .25%/.75% maker taker.

They started as LocalEthereum, Bitcoin and Litecoin were only added later. The LocalCryptos platform is a dApp running on Ethereum smart contracts and on Bitcoin scripts.

You get your private key on sign up, which you must back up because the marketplace is fully zero-knowledge and fully non-custodial.

This means you lose your account and all coins it has if you lose your private key, but it also means the law enforcement cannot force any platform-wide action since the platform owns no data.

The founder of LocalCryptos has strong political opinions and is not shy to share them.

Localcryptos non-custodial p2p market

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Security Concerns of DeFi & Crypto: Steps you can take to minimize your risks

Decentralisation is not a panacea. There are security risks in blockchain applications, old and new.

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On Overcoming the Fears of Newbie Traders

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Crypto Staking Taxes in the US - Overview & Tools

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Launching a Token? Here's 7 Tips To Find The Best Blockchain Marketing Agency

It doesn't really take that much, just do a bit of research to make sure price is really corresponding to quality.

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The Progress of Crypto between 2021 and 2022

Even with the uncertainty of how deep the bear market will go, there is still plenty of progress to note.

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6 Industries Being Disrupted by Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

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4 Benefits Of Using A Crypto Trading Bot

Because of the psychological effects, some traders and investors have started to embrace the use of a crypto trading bot.

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How Crypto Trading Affects Your Mental Health (Positive and Negative Effects)

This blog post discusses the effects that trading has on your mental health. Including the positive effects, believe it or not.

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Why are millennials into cryptocurrencies and trading?

Millennials and investing in crypto: the perfect match. Some are conservative and go for large cryptos, some are hungry and go for alts. Here is a list of reasons why millennials love crypto.

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5 Things to Know Before You Buy BNB (Binance Coin)

Binance Coin is one of the top cryptos by market cap. Let's look at the fundamentals of BNB: Is Binance Coin a good investment?

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From the industry: 5 Top Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Solutions

AML is now a requirement for most crypto businesses. But it can be such a bottleneck in user on-boarding that good AML software can provide a real competitive advantage.

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Start Here: Beginner's Primer to the Crypto Trading Industry

Full explainer of crypto markets for the unintiated - From the first ever price quote for 1 BTC to the legacy platforms adopting derivatives (and why).

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What is Terra and How to claim Terra Airdrops?

The Terra ecosystem gives away monthly crypto to network participants in a long-running yield campaign.

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From the industry: Crypto SEO shows most alt coin projects are not even planning to stick around

The state of cryptocurrency SEO reflects how few projects are doing marketing for the long run, but it's changing.

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Adoption of Cryptocurrencies as Means of Payment and Opportunity for Wallet Recovery Services

All this development puts the pressure on individuals and businesses alike to learn the ins and outs of the management of storage of cryptocurrencies. However, it is a common knowledge that this does not always work out. People make mistakes - in private and on behalf of companies as well.

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A Beginner's Guide to Understanding Altcoins

Everything you need to know about altcoins as a crypto beginner.

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The Effects of crypto crackdown and bans on crypto betting

Given the sharp decline in cryptocurrencies and the bans enforced by several nations on cryptocurrencies, how has crypto betting fared?

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3 Most Dangerous Cryptocurrency Beginner Mistake in 2020

As the interest in crypto picked up a bit in 2020, so are the number of crypto newbies repeating the same old mistakes as the 2016 lot. Let's take a look at the three most dangerous of them.

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Stats of 2019: What did crypto traders most spend on?

Hookers and blow? Possibly. It weren't bags of shitcoins though, that's for sure. -- Sharing some insight from tracked links on this blog, just like last year.

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Crypto vs Forex Trading: How do they compare?

Are you better off trading bitcoin or forex? Ultimately, it’s about picking the battles, and the right trading strategy.

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Why Are So Many People Trading Cryptocurrency?

The crypto trading statistics from Google Trends show a new wave of interest in trading of digital currencies.

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Shocking Facts About Cryptocurrency Heists [Infographics]

Cryptojacking, ICO exits, scams, malware and thefts - outrageous amounts of cryptos have changed hands through illicit activity.

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Stats from 2018 - Readers like Melancholic 100x and Ledger Wallets

Look at one tiny piece of the economy of crypto for payments. Plus a look at search and traffic stats for hardware wallets and what it probably means.

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