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Bitfinex added fiat deposits and withdrawals for individual and corporate accounts.


Image: Bitfinex added fiat deposits and withdrawals for individual and corporate accounts. Berries image via Pexels.

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From bfx_drew on Reddit:

Couple new things at Bitfinex –

  • Individual users can now access USD wires for deposits and withdrawals
  • Euro wires added for both corporate and individual accounts
  • First Euro trading pair, /t/BTC:EUR, now live.

To the delays in crypto withdrawals, bfx_drew said:

Withdrawals should be speeding up now. First, there was a delay in refilling hot wallet due to travel on behalf of a couple of the signers, then it is taking a while to work through the queue, requiring frequent refilling of hot wallet.


According to this screenshot taken from 4chan, Bitfinex is using a Polish bank for their EUR wires. The bank is called Bank Spółdzielczy w Skierniewicach (BS Skierniewice) and it is not a well known, big institute. It has triggered a wave of mistrust on the Cryptocurrency subreddit.

This post will be further amended once there is more information available.

Update December 17, 2017, all money movements are problematic at the moment as Bitfinex has been under an on-and-off DDoS attack for about a week now. This is just a technical problem not related to any kind of banking issues. New user registrations are temporarily disabled too.

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