best altcoins

Grayscale did it 26 Apr 2017

Look at the price of ETC yourself.

The gnosis thing 25 Apr 2017

A prediction market, like Augur -- but this one made it to Forbes somehow.

Opinion: time in the market vs timing the market 13 Apr 2017

They say that in the long run, time in the market beats timing the market. With the short term direction you cannot know for sure - even technical and fundamental analysis together with Reddit sentiment can only give you what's likely, not what's hundred percent sure.

Litecoin: this time it's different? 09 Apr 2017

It's always different until it isn't and it's never different until it is.

About the proposed ethereum etf 25 Mar 2017

The surveillance section of EtherIndex's rule change (which after the Winklevoss' BTC ETF seems to be the key part) proposes a strategy which might be more plausible.

Alphabay to adopt eth for payments ahead of new privacy features 18 Mar 2017

With ZCash on Ethereum (ZoE) a fundamental change in ETH is possibly ahead.