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DASH vs Bitcoin

DASH is a privacy-centric cryptocurrency focused on fast and private payments - an alternative of digital cash. It is built on Bitcoin, solving the problem of its pseudo-privacy and traceability of Bitcoin transactions.


Generally speaking the privacy features of Monero are better than those of DASH - read here.

Controversial insta-mine

There is a controversy about DASH since the developers mined 2 mil coins right after the coin’s inception. There is currently about 7 mil DASH which makes its creators potentially powerful whales.

Where to trade DASH

You can trade DASH on Poloniex with fees of .15%/.25% and also on Bitfinex - sign up with this link to get the generous fees of .09%/.18%. Charts and indicators are available on TradingView.

DASH cold storage

Trezor supports DASH natively. Read more

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