About ETH

Ethereum as a platform

Ethereum is an open-source, public, blockchain-based distributed computing platform featuring smart contract (scripting) functionality. It provides a decentralized virtual machine, the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

ETC or ETH “Classic” is worth steadily about 10% of ETH and it is the underlying asset of the proposed Ethereum ETF.


Ethereum is primarily meant as a smart contract and DApp platform but with ZoE there is also transactional privacy implemented. Confirmation times are much faster than on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Where to trade ETH and ETC

You can trade ETH and ETC on Poloniex with fees of .15%/.25% and also on Bitfinex - sign up with this link to get the generous fees of .09%/.18%. Charts and indicators are available on TradingView.

Ethereum cold storage

Trezor offers integration with MyEtherWallet to provide cold storage for your ETH. Read more

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Economics of proof of stake 07 Jul 2017

Proof of stake shows off the extraordinary ability of crypto news portals to write a 500 word article that says absolutely nothing, and the amazing regard of the ETH boss crew to Social Justice.

Gary vee on ethereum 18 Jun 2017

Video of gary Vee endorsing Ethereum when asked about it by a fan.

Huobi is adding eth on may 31st 27 May 2017

Huobi announced an announcement this morning, many had high hopes for the withdrawal situation update -- but it's "just" ETH trading.

How the legacy finance might be feeling about cryptocurrencies 20 May 2017

This comes from a mainstream finance & investing newsletter.

Is the end of icos approaching? 09 May 2017

The very first ICO-ish thing was fined heavily. Will new regulations pop the ICO bubble?

About the proposed ethereum etf 25 Mar 2017

The surveillance section of EtherIndex's rule change (which after the Winklevoss' BTC ETF seems to be the key part) proposes a strategy which might be more plausible.

Cryptosignal - new tool for ethereum traders 22 Mar 2017

A data scientist created a free tool that lets you correlate the dollar price of ETH with hash rate, difficulty or daily number of transactions - that's a free altcoin trading signal.

Alphabay to adopt eth for payments ahead of new privacy features 18 Mar 2017

With ZCash on Ethereum (ZoE) a fundamental change in ETH is possibly ahead.

Bitcoin etf rejected, ethereum etf is probably off the table too 10 Mar 2017

The proposed BTC ETF was rejected by the SEC because of lack of regulations in crypto exchanges - a reason that holds true for Ethereum too

Trezor (satoshilabs) added dash wallet and zcash wallet 01 Feb 2017

Trezor now added native support for DASH and ZCASH - and explained what the altcoin needs to get supported (looking at you, Monero).

Back to basics: how to buy altcoins 28 Jan 2017

They say you need bitcoin to get altcoins but the fiat to alt markets are slowly appearing on previously bitcoin-only exchanges. For the gambling trading you need the liquidity of Alt/BTC pairs though.

Ethereum sentiment - where to get reliable information? 24 May 2016

Now right in the midst of The DAO (ETH), LISK (BTC) and Coinbase rebranding to GDAX

Value of altcoins: money and tokens 30 Mar 2016

Altcoin value: Some altcoins are meant for payments and remittance, some altcoins are network tokens.