CRYPTOCURRENCY TRADING FAQ - Altcoin Trading FAQ and basics of basics, like what are altcoins.

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What are altcoins?

Altcoin is a shorter name for alternative cryptocurrency. Altcoins can be called all cryptocurrencies that are not bitcoin.

Why do you trade altcoins?

Altcoin markets experience bigger swings that bitcoin markets, both the potential profits and losses are higher than in unleveraged bitcoin trading. Trading altcoin markets denominated in bitcoin is also a good way for bitcoin supporters to earn more bitcoins.

Where to buy altcoins with cash?

The most common way is to buy bitcoin, monero or ethereum for cash and exchange these for the altcoin of your choice.

Bitcoin can be bought anonymously for cash on, monero on and ethereum on These cryptocurrencies can be further exchanged via or on an exchange such as Binance where no ID verification is necessary.

Where to buy altcoins with fiat?

If you already have more than 10,000 USD worth of crypto, you can sign up at Bitfinex or EthFinex.

Other reliable places to buy altcoins for USD or EUR are Bitstamp, GDAX and Kraken. More here

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