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Kraken acquires Cryptowatch, lead dev will work for them


Image: Kraken's UI is leaving the 1990s baby

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Image: Kraken’s UI is leaving the 1990s baby

Lately Kraken has been the last exchange you’d recommend for trading - bitcoin or altcoins all the same.

The selection of markets was extremely good. The very limited reliability of their infrastructure was a dealbreaker though and the awful, awfulawfulawful charts were only adding insult to injury.

People on Reddit even set up a joint thread “I too got fucked by Kraken” just this February.

Today however Kraken announced they acquired Cryptowatch, currently the most popular cryptocurrency charting engine.

The interface is available at trade.kraken.com accessible to all Kraken users. At the moment the functionality is the same as the old Cryptowatch Premium access. Nothing changes for people who don’t trade at Kraken, standard Cryptowatch is still available for free to everyone as it was.

Artur Sapek (/u/excited_by_typos), the developer of Cryptowatch, says we can look forward to faster development of the charting platform as the work with Kraken will bring in some capital.

That’s helluva good news for today.


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