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Peerplays crowdfund ends in 3 days - #CryptoTrading

Do you actually think this has future or did you just hear dividends?
  .  Published  · By KarlVonBahnhof

At the current stage the PPY tokens cost $5.20 each, the ICO - sorry, the crowdfund - ends in three days at 15:00 UTC on 14 May 2017, the PPY tokens will be distributed to participants on 30 May 2017. You can invest BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, BitShares and couple other coins to participate.


What’s Peerplays

Peerplays aim to work as a betting platform. Because it’s on the blockchain, it will be available from all countries. Users place a bet, the bet is processed on the blockchain (it’s a dapp), profits are distributed via PPY - the Peerplays profit sharing tokens.

It is an interesting concept, except the red flag that comes with everything that is the UBER of [industry]:

“Peerplays will eliminate the need for traditional bookies in their sports betting.”

There is this problem with people who keep coming back to estabilished bookies because everyone keeps coming back to estabilished bookies. Peerplays would require people to trust a dapp and it would require them to work with a dapp, that’s two very new things.

But who knows. The Bookie app that should enable betting is not going to be out before November 2017.

However unlikely, maybe it will be sports betting made simple, and maybe the network effect will not play out because that’s a more substantial thing with poker rooms and trading platforms - places where you need other people to come by otherwise the experience sucks. Sports betting is something you do on your own, after all.

Either way, this is what everyone likes to hear preferentially these days: Peerplays is a divident paying token. Yay!

Peerplays Makes HODLing Profitable with Automatic Fee-Sharing Distributions: “Peerplays is aiming to be the first truly Decentralized Autonomous Cooperative (DAC) [...] With this new profit sharing module, all the fees that Peerplays charges for smart contract operations and peer-to-peer wagering will be distributed directly to the holders of the core Peerplays blockchain tokens, just like a traditional co-op pays dividends to its shareholders.” - via steem


The ICO:

People and networks:

About the author

Written by KarlVonBahnhof

KarlVonBahnhof also on Reddit, Chris belongs to the crypto trader class of 2013. Located in the Americas most of the time, you're most likely to meet at r/BitcoinMarkets though.


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