PRESS RELEASE Cryptoloans ICO Announcement and Bounty Update 18 Mar 2018

Cryptoloans ICO Announcement and Bounty Update

PRESS RELEASE Coins4Favors ICO and Bounty Announcement 30 Mar 2018

Introduction of Coins4Favors, announcing their ICO and bounty programs.

PRESS RELEASE Shopiblock - Streamlining the token e-commerce development 16 Apr 2018

The SaaS on the blockchain, to streamline development of e-commerce on the blockchain.

PRESS RELEASE The KYC and compliance platform adds John Ng to its advisory board 15 May 2018 announces the prominent blockchain investor to join as strategic advisor.

PRESS RELEASE CrowdIF Token Sale Announcement 07 Jun 2018

CrowdIF is launching a trading platform and a utility token that is starting a token sale in June 2018. There is a bounty active since May 2018.

PRESS RELEASE Blockchain Grants: Bootstrapping Open Source Development 22 Jun 2018

Zilliqa on their own smart contract language and the details of the grant projects for blockchain technology developers.

PRESS RELEASE AllSporter Platform Intro: Tokenized App for Sports Sharing Economy 01 Aug 2018

Polish sharing economy project for sports gear and training fully operational with PayPal payments is going blockchain.

PRESS RELEASE Open Data Exchange Raised Over 60 MM USD in Private Placement 18 Sep 2018

Open Data Exchange, the data marketplace based on blockchain technology, gained traction on their mission to provide free internet to emerging markets thanks to its private token sale.

PRESS RELEASE The AI/Blockchain startup Perlin gets (not only) funding boost from a Japanese innovator 07 Dec 2018

The investors in blockchain technology do not seem to be put off by the bear market.

PRESS RELEASE - New peer-to-peer gambling dApp 30 Dec 2018

New community-built gambling dApp with no house and no limits.

PRESS RELEASE You can now pay your Uber ride with crypto 03 Feb 2019

One fintech app has finally integrated a function to fund your Uber balance with crypto.

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