COUPONS - List of referrer codes and offers that will give you a fee rebate.

This is a list of referral codes and sign up offers that will give you a benefit, like rebate on fees on exchanges or free trial on products.

All these offers come from what we have tried ourselves.

That said, we do try businesses that are still no-name and new. It is probably a variant of the Columbus syndrome. Therefore we append links to Reddit discussions so that you can assess the risk. Suit yourself.

CoinMama - Buy ETH with a credit card

CoinMama is a service that will let you buy bitcoin and ether with cash or debit card. Fees are relatively high (about 15% markup) but you will get your bitcoin (or ether) instantly.

With some debit cards you will need to undergo verification with selfie. The same goes for credit cards.

The payment executes via Simplex gateway. There will be no mention on the bank/ewallet side that you bought bitcoin. You can use a non-bank prepaid debit card linked to an ewallet.

Coinmama is available in most countries. If you live in the US Coinmama is only available in the following states: California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, New Mexico, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas.
code fny3000
coupon 190TY584

Get 5% discount

BitMEX 10% fee off

BitMEX is a cryptocurrency derivative platform. You cannot buy altcoins or bitcoin on BitMEX with your national currency, you can only trade their products for profit. You get your winnings paid out in BTC.

Currently the most traded products are BTC futures, ZEC futures and BTC permanent swap (derivative mimicking spot BTCUSD market). In addition to that, BitMEX is the platform where you can bet on any upcoming event in the crypto markets - the betting market for the COIN ETF was up in February 2017.

Leverage is dynamic between 1x and 100x.

Fees are changeable - depending on the market and whether you’re long or short.

The exchange doesn’t serve US customers. However there is no verification other than a claim from the user on sign up. The exchange is accessible from a VPN or from the Tor network.

There is an initial 6 months 10% fee discount for users who sign up at BitMEX with a referral code. iYQB44

Get 10% fee discount

Virtual credit card Wirex (E-Coin) - 25% off

Virtual credit cards are convenient if you want to spend fiat money fast or if you want to sell bitcoin without AML/KYC or trusting someone on LocalBitcoins. With a VCC you simply send in the coins, wait for 6 confirmations and use the bitcoin to top up your virtual or plastic card.

While with Shift card (by Coinbase) you are only able to top up bitcoin that is exchanged to fiat as you make a card payment, with Wirex you can sell your bitcoins when the price is high enough and hold the fiat until you decide to spend it.

What you get with Wirex is a regular Master Card, it is a prepaid card though. Be aware that some merchants don’t accept prepaid cards. You can still use it to verify your PayPal or Skrill wallets. It comes handy if you want to get your bitcoin earnings into PayPal money but don’t want to trust a third party or, again, LocalBitcoins.

Virtual credit card is available both in online and plastic version. On Wirex you will only be able to verify a plastic card. The card can be sent to an address that is different from the one you verify it for. That is convenient if you travel.

- Get 25% off with this link

Free credit for cloud hosting for your trading servers or websites about trading

DigitalOcean giveth you 10 USD and Vultr 50 USD in free credit.

I didn’t want to say trading bot in the title as server people tend to see bot as something inherently malicious. But yeah you can run trading bot on a VPS.