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About Cryptofacilities

CryptoFacilities was an early crypto futures platform founded in 2014 that never gained as widespread popularity as BitMEX.

The platform has market makers though so you don’t need to worry about markets being too dead to trade them.

Available Markets

Originally offering only a set of BTCUSD contracts, CryptoFacilities later expanded to Ripple, Litecoin and most recently also to Ethereum futures.

All contracts are cash-settled in crypto on Fridays at 16:00 London time. There is no fiat banking involved.

All derivatives offer leverage up to 50:1 and are divided to “standard” futures with leverages between 5:1 to 7:1 and “turbo” futures that run with 50:1 leverage. Available contract maturities range from one week to one quarter.

Fees are very low: makers get 0.03% rebate on every transaction, takers pay 0.05% on every transaction (more here).

Leverage is provided by counterparty, there is no clawback or socialized losses.

There is a 24/7 Telegram chat for the community, support and feature requests at (it has 163 members at time of writing if that’s not telling).

User Interface

The old interface was quirky looking without any chart although some of us preferred to trade only by watching the books.

Recently overhauled user interface makes the trading platform look similar to BitMEX which is arguably what most crypto traders are used to these days. Charts on CryptoFacilities are provided by TradingView.

Technically the platform has very good availability as there is rarely a flood of users online.

Who can use CryptoFacilities

CryptoFacilities requires identity verification and is not open for US individuals. The trading platform is based in the UK and regulated by FCA. Registered users can choose to have their money in trading wallets or in a storage wallet which offers insurance and is not used for margin calculations.

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CryptoFacilities Futures Exchange   TradingView Charting Platform




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