About the non-custodial DEX DeversiFi is discontinued since 12 October 2019 and decentralized trading moves on to DeversiFi. Users who have balance on EthFinex will be able to access it through Bitfinex after the Ethfinex app goes offline.

DeversiFi is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that runs on that enables trading of tokens and any other cryptocurrency (even BTC) in it’s ‘wrapped’ form. The platform is owned and maintained by the same company as the Bitfinex exchange, but it is non-custodial.

On DeversiFi, you don’t sign up and you trade directly from your hardware or software cryptocurrency wallet.

The interface is a little more modern than the interface of Bitfinex now, embedded charts with indicators for technical analysis are also provided by TradingView.

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About Bitfinex

Bitfinex is a BVI-based exchange infamous for being hacked in August 2016. Despite the hack it still has a wide user base thanks to its superior trading interface.

  • Bitfinex offers a wide range of markets denominated in USD, EUR, JPY from the fiat choices and BTC, ETH, EOS and many more for the crypto pairs.
  • Tether withdrawals are available but the markets on Bitfinex trade against USD, not Tether.
  • Margin markets are funded via a public P2P lending system. Identity verification is not needed for lending.
  • Bitfinex opened derivatives platform in September 2019.

Since January 1st 2018, there is a minimum equity requirement for Bitfinex - to activate new accounts for trading, users have to deposit at least 10k USD to the exchange.

The exchange is available worldwide. There is limitation on margin trade for Americans - however the exchange is still operational from American IP address. New users on US IP just have to state they are not American residents.

No identity verification is needed other than for fiat withdrawal.

There is an 10% fee discount for users who sign up with a referral code. 5egV78YtlC

Bitfinex 10% fee discount


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