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Enter Bitfinex Referral Code 5egV78YtlC and get 6% fee discount for any sign up.

No KYC required, no minimum deposit required.

How to get fee discount on Bitfinex

  1. Go to Check you are on the correct site with the genuine SSL certificate!
  2. Sign up and enter the referrer code 5egV78YtlC. You can also use our sign up link that enters the code for you.
  3. That’s it! Start trading. The sooner you start trading, the bigger your fee discount is.

Your Bitfinex fee discount starts at 6% and reduces second by second in a linear way. In total, every thirty days your fee discount is reduced by 0.5%.

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How to maximize your Bitfinex trading

Use the Bitfinex app to trade from your phone, but restrict its capabilities so that your trading stash stays safe even on the phone you are using day to day.


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Read our articles to get familiar with the tools, but try everything hands on. Trading will press your emotions, you can only really learn it as you go.

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About Bitfinex

Bitfinex is a custodial crypto trading platform that provides spot trading, leveraged trading and crypto futures trading.

As a company, Bitfinex as well as its related companies is based in British Virgin Islands under iFinex.

Bitfinex exchange was hacked in August 2016.

Despite the hack it managed to retain a wide user base thanks to its powerful trading interface for desktop and also its great Bitfinex mobile app.

  • Bitfinex offers a wide range of markets denominated in USD, EUR, JPY from the fiat choices and BTC, ETH, EOS and many more for the crypto pairs.
  • Tether markets as well as withdrawals are available, but dollar pairs on Bitfinex trade against USD, not Tether.
  • Margin markets are funded via a public P2P lending system. Identity verification is not needed for lending.
  • Bitfinex opened a derivatives section of the platform in September 2019.

The user interface on Bitfinex has embedded charts from TradingView PRO. The charts offer wide range of indicators for technical analysis.

The Bitfinex exchange is available worldwide. There is limitation on margin trade for Americans - however the exchange is still operational from American IP address. New users on US IP just have to state they are not American residents.

No identity verification is needed other than for fiat withdrawal. There might be restrictions for Bitfinex futures based on your location.

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About DeversiFi (formerly ETHFinex, EOSFinex)

Bitfinex has been dabbing into non-custodial trading. Their first venture there was EthFinex, a non-custodial DEX for ETH-based trading. was discontinued since 12 October 2019 and all non-custodial trading moved on to DeversiFi.

DeversiFi is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that runs on that enables trading of tokens and any other cryptocurrency (even BTC) in it’s ‘wrapped’ form.

The platform is owned and maintained by the same company as the Bitfinex exchange, but offers non-custodial crypto trading: On DeversiFi, you trade crypto directly from your hardware or software cryptocurrency wallet without any signup.

Bitfinex/DeversiFi 6% fee discount

Bitfinex Verification Levels

Getting verified on Bitfinex is not necessary for most traders, but comes with advantages even if you do not want to deposit or withdraw fiat money.

Intermediate Level Verification on Bitfinex

Requires two government IDs or one ID and a Skype video call. Also requires utility bill for address proof, no older than 90 days.

Intermediate level verification gives you a more seamless crypto experience on Bitfinex. It does not entitle you to deposit and withdraw fiat, but it does entitle you to deposit and withdraw Tether.

  • Access to airdrops and giveaways

Getting verified to at least intermediate level opens up the possibility for you to participate in airdrops that Bitfinex runs to promote new token launches on the platform.

  • Faster cryptocurrency deposits

Verified users can trade deposited cryptocurrency faster, fewer confirmations are required before their deposit is credited.

  • Access to exchange token

Bitfinex has their own exchange token (LEO) that can generate fee discount on other tokens for you.

Full Level Verification on Bitfinex

Requires bank statement, but only your first deposit must come from that account.

Full verification on Bitfinex entitles you to all benefits of the intermediate level, plus fiat deposits and withdrawals.

This is the only way in which Bitfinex still has minimum deposit requirement - you can only move fiat that is worth at least 10k USD.

Bitfinex Referral Code   TradingView PRO Referral Code

Executives at Bitfinex/iFinex
  • Jean Louis van der Velde - The CEO who is not publicly known much.
  • Phil G. Potter, also known as PGP - The one member of staff that became the face of Bitfinex for years, communicated with traders on teamspeak etc.
  • Giancarlo Devasini - CFO at Bitfinex and Tether.
  • Stuart Hoegner - Resident lawyer at Bitfinex.
Community Managers for Bitfinex
  • Zane Tackett - Former head of community. Worked for OkCoin before Bitfinex and as the head of OTC at B2C2 after Bitfinex.
  • Chris Ellis - Activist, former head of community after Zane Tackett, also known from his appearances in Keiser Report.
  • Bitfinex’d, on Reddit known as Voogru - A controversial and probably hired figure spreading fear regarding the legal stability of Bitfinex/iFinex since 2016.
  • Ivan Manuel Molina Lee - Head of Crypto Capital, accused of money laundering via Bitfinex.

Bitfinex/DeversiFi 6% fee discount

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