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Kc  · 09/01/22

Documenting the History of Cryptocurrency Trading


As a crypto investor, it's best to know how best to position yourself to get the most out of the technology and its influence on the markets. 06/27/23

The message-board investing culture is misunderstood, but luckily nobody seems to be stopped by that. 06/27/23

Crypto tax services are getting more common nowadays, you shouldn't have a big problem finding an accountant knowledgable in crypto. Having an independent knowledge always helps, though, which is why this article exists. 06/27/23

There are many ways to incorporate blockchain technology into businesses, including as a simple marketing tool. 06/27/23

While the decentralized system has its advantages, the fact that it is not regulated brings about certain issues. 06/27/23

Legacy traders are are getting interested in crypto contracts for difference, much like crypto traders are speculating via tokenized stocks. 06/27/23

Cryptocurrency and digital currency are often used interchangeably, but they have very different meanings. 06/27/23

It doesn't really take that much, just do a bit of research to make sure price is really corresponding to quality. 06/27/23

Even with the uncertainty of how deep the bear market will go, there is still plenty of progress to note. 06/27/23

After more than a decade since the first blockchain transaction, let's look at the industries that are now firmly considered disrupted by the new technology. 06/27/23

There is a crypto niche even in academia now. Who does typically take crypto courses and what kind of help do they seek? 06/27/23

Because of the psychological effects, some traders and investors have started to embrace the use of a crypto trading bot. 09/08/23

Millennials and investing in crypto: the perfect match. Some are conservative and go for large cryptos, some are hungry and go for alts. Here is a list of reasons why millennials love crypto. 06/27/23

AML is now a requirement for most crypto businesses. But it can be such a bottleneck in user on-boarding that good AML software can provide a real competitive advantage. 06/27/23

Full explainer of crypto markets for the unintiated - From the first ever price quote for 1 BTC to the legacy platforms adopting derivatives (and why). 12/19/23

The state of cryptocurrency SEO reflects how few projects are doing marketing for the long run, but it's changing. 06/27/23

All this development puts the pressure on individuals and businesses alike to learn the ins and outs of the management of storage of cryptocurrencies. However, it is a common knowledge that this does not always work out. People make mistakes - in private and on behalf of companies as well. 06/27/23

The success of cryptocurrency as a form of currency is gradually making its way into consumer society. 06/27/23

Not a bad way to build up fundamentals of a cryptocurrency that is profiling as the cheaper and faster vehicle for transactions. 06/27/23

Given the sharp decline in cryptocurrencies and the bans enforced by several nations on cryptocurrencies, how has crypto betting fared? 06/27/23

Or Perhaps You Don’t Need to Choose? 06/27/23

Crypto trading red flags listed and explained, the poster child for troubled crypto exchange being 2017 Bittrex. 06/27/23

As the interest in crypto picked up a bit in 2020, so are the number of crypto newbies repeating the same old mistakes as the 2016 lot. Let's take a look at the three most dangerous of them. 06/27/23

Typically thought of as a male-dominated industry, the numbers of women on the crypto markets are reportedly increasing. Why is that and what does it mean? 06/27/23

The changes cannot be ignored any longer. 04/15/24

Hookers and blow? Possibly. It weren't bags of shitcoins though, that's for sure. -- Sharing some insight from tracked links on this blog, just like last year. 06/27/23

What kind of threats can we as crypto traders and hodlers expect in 2020 and what are the ways to protect our holdings? 06/27/23

Cryptojacking, ICO exits, scams, malware and thefts - outrageous amounts of cryptos have changed hands through illicit activity. 06/27/23

Look at one tiny piece of the economy of crypto for payments. Plus a look at search and traffic stats for hardware wallets and what it probably means. 06/27/23

Why is suddenly everyone in such a rush to create a regulated IOU stablecoin? 06/27/23

It seems all of the critics of Bakkt point to a single issue. 06/27/23

According to Andrew, the best path forward for blockchain advancements is through more open collaboration and less closed competition. 06/27/23

The variants of the particular malware will change but phishing and impostors are not going anywhere. 06/27/23

Clever business scheme emerged late in May 2018 that will make a good social engineer a lot of money. 06/27/23

Isn't it just NuBits all over again? The utility of stablecoins at the current stage of crypto might be misunderstood. 06/27/23

Chye Kit in an interview explains how blockchain KYC relates to credit risk and why regulatory compliance is one of the sectors that actually gets more efficient when decentralized. 06/27/23

As Telegram exploits from May 2018 are not really juicy enough for the netsec community, malicious campaigns are passing quietly under the radar. 06/27/23

And a bonus: If you're an app developer, best way to get paid in crypto. 06/27/23

Goodbye crypto bootstrappers, it's strictly big business only now. 06/27/23

An intro to the seemingly anti-crypto shitstorm that hit all social media at the start of April 2018. 06/27/23

Millennials are such a big segment that they should be able to move even the housing market up, not even to speak about cryptocurrencies. 06/27/23

While crypto circles are speculating about the fate of Tether, there are other stablecoin alternatives out there already. 06/27/23

Updated with some commentary on the whole event. 06/27/23

EOS claims to be the operating system for crypto, effectively a competitor to the Ethereum platform. 06/27/23 was a decentralized exchange built in 2017 on atomic swaps with Josh Olzsewicz and Andrew Gazdecki on board. The platform was acquired by BnkToTheFuture in 2019. 04/15/24

The list is very consistent with the fleeting mentality of the cryptocurrency markets. 06/27/23

The cryptocurrency exchange CEX.IO just sent out an email they are temporarily not accepting new users to the platform. 06/27/23

It is still happening soon™ guys! 06/27/23

A shortened transcript with the most important info from the session with timestamps to relevant parts of the footage 06/27/23

This is your captain speaking: There is absolutely no cause for alarm. 06/27/23

...even after any possible firmware update. 06/27/23

DASH wallet was released just yesterday to the Apple App Store. 06/27/23

Some ETH multisig wallets created with parity are being drained right now. 06/27/23

Byteball is a payment network that makes it easy to set conditional payments - finalize payment only if condition is met - similar to ethereum smart contracts but more user-friendly. 06/27/23

Video of gary Vee endorsing Ethereum when asked about it by a fan. 06/27/23

The very first ICO-ish thing was fined heavily. Will new regulations pop the ICO bubble?  06/27/23

It's always different until it isn't and it's never different until it is. 06/27/23


The surveillance section of EtherIndex's rule change (which after the Winklevoss' BTC ETF seems to be the key part) proposes a strategy which might be more plausible. 06/27/23


Bitfinex was hacked in August 2016. Read the basic info about the hack and the best of Reddit's response on the Bitfinex hack from back then. 06/27/23

A summary of what is going on with DAO's and ETH 06/27/23