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Kc  · 09/01/22

Crypto Trading Platform Reviews by Location

Onramp and offramp guides and trading platform reviews by locations

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Australia is a crypto-friendly country, but at the same time one of the countries with strictest regulations regarding cryptocurrency trading. There strict requirements especially in terms of taxation and tax reporting.

That means that if you are an Australian crypto trader, it will be easier for you to stick with crypto exchanges based locally in Australia.

All the more decent Aussie crypto trading platforms provide tools and reporting suites compliant with the local tax regulation.

On the other hand, if you are a citizen or resident in Australia, you will not have issues with signing up on any other crypto exchanges around the world. Enjoy.


As far as any type of cryptocurrency trading is concerned, individuals and organizations domiciled in the United States have much less to choose from.

The killer app of crypto trading, AKA the perpetual swap, is currently best available at Bitforex for you. Bitforex is the one exchange that does not yet have specific policy for US traders and does not require KYC.

If you want to keep your record as straight as it gets, you will not be able to trade on any exchange that is not US-based and US-regulated.

Some platforms, like Binance and FTX, will want you to join their sister platforms that are dedicated for US traders only. There is for US traders and then there is for the rest of the world - and likewise with Binance.

Sadly, the market and product seletion on the US sister platforms is very, very limited.

Good news is you can now trade options on LedgerX, a CFTC regulated crypto derivative platform.



Having a passport or a company from the European Union has long been the easiest road to access crypto derivatives and options.

Recent actions on behalf of Binance, that started barring derivative trading in Europe, suggest that those days might be over now.

Still as of late 2021, as a European person or entity you are able to sign up and get verified on virtually any crypto trading platform worldwide.

That includes the more demanding trading platforms such as Kraken Spot, Kraken Futures or Coinbase.

Derivative trading is still well accessible through perpetual swaps and classic futures for instance on FTX, and binary options at Deribit and FTX.

As a European, to off-ramp and take your profits, you can use any exchange that supports EUR withdrawals. Alternatively, you can withdraw in USD from international platforms like the Independent Reserve if your bank lets you open a USD account - which many highstreet banks in Europe do without any fees or questions.

The OG Kraken spot exchange review.

Known for: Spot

Top products: Kraken + Cryptowatch

Key facts:

* Fails under high traffic but using Cryptowatch interface often saves that
* Easy to KYC from almost all over the world
* Many fiat currencies with readily available liquid markets

What style of trading to do on Kraken?


Depending on your exact wherabouts in Asia, you may find it difficult to open and KYC-verify a crypto trading account outside of your region.

If you have such problem, you can always stick to DeFi and no-KYC crypto trading outfits, resorting to a local exchange only for onramp and off-ramp.

We are of course not speaking of regions where cryptocurrency is illegal.

Having a bank account denominated in Singapore dollars will open your door to the high liquidity non-Asian exchanges (FTX, Bitfinex) or to arbitrage (Independent Reserve).

Otherwise, there is always Binance.