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Kraken Futures Trading Review (=CryptoFacilities) Referral Code 10% Fee Discount

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CryptoFacilities derivatives platform was acquired by Kraken and is now fully migrated into Kraken Futures.

You will need to get an account on Kraken exchange to trade derivatives on former CryptoFacilities.

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About Kraken Futures, formerly Cryptofacilities

CryptoFacilities was an early crypto derivatives platform launched in 2014.

It was always solid and reliable, but it never gained the widespread popularity of BitMEX.

The reason for that was probably that they implemented KYC and identity verification right from the beginning. One of the implications was they never allowed US traders. That was even years before it was clear there would be any such type of regulation necessary.

Trading Futures on Kraken
  • To trade futures on CryptoFacilities, you now need an account at the Kraken exchange.
  • If you have an old account at CryptoFacilities, contact Kraken’s customer support. They have a quick process that will consolidate your CryptoFacilities account with your (new or old) Kraken account.
  • While Kraken does accept users from all around the world including US, derivative products are not available for all of them.

The platform always had good market makers. Trading there was never difficult, even in its pre-Kraken days. Back then the platform ran a Telegram chat that never went over 300 members, that’s how small the place was.

Bringing in thousands of Kraken spot users gave the futures platform deep liquidity into the books. It’s now on par with BitMEX certainly.

Technically the platform has very good availability as there is rarely a flood of active users, preventing you to place orders.

If you can pass the KYC, Kraken Futures are the better option than BitMEX in 2021. That is as long as you want to hedge your large-cap crypto cold storage or speculate on it.

If you are one of the traders that wants to try new markets, maybe smaller altcoins or tokenized stocks, or if you want to trade on a platform that does smaller markets too as well as options and volatility contracts, is a better match for you.

Kraken Futures Markets

Kraken Futures kept most of the former CryptoFacilities user interface, as well as the selection of markets: The focus is on large, established cryptos.

Given the exclusively long maturities offered at Kraken Futures, the target type of trader is clearly someone who wants to hedge their cold storage.

  • Currently Kraken Futures offer contracts for BTC (XBT in Kraken notation), ETH, XRP, LTC and BCH markets.
  • Every market has a selection of contract maturities. Usually you will get monthly, quarterly, semiannual and perpetual futures.

All contracts are cash-settled in cryptocurrency on Fridays at 16:00 London time. There is no fiat involved. Even for contracts denominated in USD such as XBTUSD, you will automatically get your profits in BTC.

Kraken Futures Leverage

The futures markets are divided into “standard” markets with leverages between 5:1 to 7:1 and “turbo” contracts that run with 50:1 leverage.

Kraken Futures Fees

Fees are very low: makers get 0.03% rebate on every transaction, takers pay 0.05% on every transaction (more here).

Leverage for your trade is provided by your counterparty. The nice thing about this is that there is no clawback or socialized losses.

You get 10% fee discount on all your trades for the first 30 days with the following link:

CryptoFacilities Futures Exchange   TradingView Charting Platform


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