Crypto technical indicators - 101s, reviews, strategies

This is a list of everything at AltcoinTrading.NET written about crypto charting. First we'll list any glossary articles, if we have any, as these explain the concept and give you easy examples to start with. After that there are any relevant blog articles and trading strategies.

BASIC | Crypto charting 101 in ATNET Glossary

STRATEGY | Crypto charting in Crypto Trading Strategy

Strategy: Technical Analysis past ATH with Fibs

Now that we are past ATH levels again, let's reiterate how things *really* work around here.

Wyckoff trading method for ranging markets

Fully reworked primer on ranging crypto markets. Includes Wyckoff method for market phases and recommended TradingView scripts.

BLOG | Crypto charting in crypto trading blog & pine script reviews

Technical Analysis   last update 08 May 2021, 12:15 UTC How to read option charts: Market sentiment analysis based on crypto derivatives

Crypto options markets reflect the sentiment on the market and are small enough to split the whales from the retail. That makes them a useful tool for technical analysis.

ScriptSpotlight  crypto-technical-analysis 
OBV: On-Balance Volume Divergence Crypto Strategies Updated 02 Apr '21 
ScriptSpotlight  crypto-technical-analysis 
Script Spotlight: Bollinger Band Width Updated 29 Mar '21 
Trading Strategy  crypto-value-judgement 
Wyckoff Avoidance Strategy in Cryptocurrency Trading Updated 02 Apr '21 
Trading Strategy  crypto-technical-analysis 
Technical Analysis: Divergences (With a Divergence Cheat Sheet) Updated 08 May '21 
Trading Strategy  crypto-technical-analysis 
Ichimoku Cloud for Crypto Trading Updated 12 Feb '21 
ScriptSpotlight  crypto-technical-analysis 
Script Spotlight: A/D Levels Updated 02 Apr '21 

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Best Indicators for Crypto Day Trading & Swing Trading

This is where you find all articles from the trading blog about the most important technical analysis indicators and frameworks for crypto trading.

That’s why you’ll see here a curious mix of plain indicators like Ichimoku cloud and then frameworks like Wyckoff method.

Also see Script Spotlight reviews in the Trading Blog

We are picking out from new and popular Tradingview scripts of custom technical indicators and reviewing them.

All charting tools in “Script Spotlight” are available as pine scripts from TradingView from the public library.


Hodling  20 Jun 2019  · Guest post by cryptolounge
Cryptocurrency Strategy for Beginners
Last update 02 Mar 2021: Intro to crypto strategy for beginners. Lo and behold, there is a strategy even to hodling.
Trading Strategy  13 Apr 2017
Time in the Market vs Timing the Market
Last update 08 May 2021: They say that in the long run, time in the market beats timing the market. With the short term direction you cannot know for sure - even technical and fundamental analysis together with Reddit sentiment can only give you what's likely, not what's hundred percent sure.
Blog  28 Dec 2017
How is it with arbitrage opportunities in South Korea
Last update 12 Feb 2021: To summarize what is known as everyone seems to be interested in that at the moment.