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Best Indicators for Crypto Day Trading & Swing Trading

This is where you find all articles from the trading blog about the most important technical analysis indicators and frameworks for crypto trading.

That’s why you’ll see here a curious mix of plain indicators like Ichimoku cloud and then frameworks like Wyckoff method.

Also see Script Spotlight

We are picking out from new and popular Tradingview scripts of custom technical indicators and reviewing them.

All scripts in “Script Spotlight” are available in TradingView FREE plan from the public library.

TradingView is currently held for the best crypto technical analysis software, but do sign up for the free plan if you want to be the judge of that yourself.

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ScriptSpotlight   last update 29 Dec 2020, 16:48 UTC OBV: On-Balance Volume Divergence Crypto Strategies

On Balance Volume divergence trading made easier by transforming OBV into oscillator. Pine script available for free on TradingView.

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Script Spotlight: Bollinger Band Width
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Wyckoff Avoidance Strategy in Cryptocurrency Trading
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Technical Analysis: Divergences (With a Divergence Cheat Sheet)
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Ichimoku Cloud for Crypto Trading
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Script Spotlight: A/D Levels
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Script Spotlight: Automatic Divergences