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Kc  · 09/01/22

Footprint Trading / AltcoinTrading.NET glossary

What is footprint trading and how to start with it?
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Key Points / Footprint Trading

  1. Footprint trading is an advanced trading technique

  2. Footprint trading uses footprint charts

  3. Scalpers like footprint charts

  4. Tools for Footprint Trading: #tensorcharts #bitfinex 

Footprint trading is a trading technique used on both cryptocurrency and legacy markets.

The benefits of footprint trading are more pronounced in short-term speculation techniques, such as scalping.

Footprint Charting

Footprint charting is a way of plotting the price action to get the so-called “footprint” within a candle.

The footprint is essentially a histogram that plots the volume traded at each price segment of a candle. A candle footprint chart could look like this:

Usually, the display is done in a way that is easier to look at, such as by coloring segments of the candle with different levels of intensity:

Tools for footprint trading in crypto

An indepth look at Footprint Trading is here.