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Kc  · 09/01/22


This is a list of all we have at AltcoinTrading.NET that deals with scalping. There might be good stuff in the glossary if you're new, or in trading strategies.

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Featured blog post on scalping

It is so important to use the right exchange to scalp trade crypto, and the reason is that scalping is a trading strategy which relies on taking small profits (or losses) relatively often.

Legacy traders are are getting interested in crypto contracts for difference, much like crypto traders are speculating via tokenized stocks.

Fibs (Fibonacci Lines) (uses tradingview  )
What do crypto traders call Fibs? How to draw Fibs for an uptrend?
Arb (Arbing, Arbitrage) (uses localcryptos  independent-reserve  shrimpy  )
What do crypto traders call arbing and how to do it?
Footprint Trading (uses tensorcharts  bitfinex  )
What is footprint trading and how to start with it?
Scalping (uses tensorcharts  bitforex  phemex  )
What is scalping and what kind of charting set up is best for it
Bart Formation (uses cryptowatch  tradingview  )
What do crypto traders call the Bart formation and how to trade it?