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New cryptocurrency exchanges for trading in 2018

Image: Find new emerging cryptocurrency exchanges for your altcoin trading in 2018. Flying image via Pexels.

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Overall Rating: GREAT

Best for: Trading small altcoins. They have regular additions of new coins (one a month) and users can vote which coins they want added.

Sign-up: Sign up here. Open, no verification necessary but they limit withdrawal to 1 BTC worth per day without verification.

Binance is where eager shitcoin traders and P&D groups migrate from Polo and Trex. If you are looking to trade a coin that is just about to be hyped up, changes are it's on Binance. There also sometimes happen to be opportunities for manual arb between Binance and some of the bigger crypto exchanges.


Overall Rating: GOOD

Best for: Trading small altcoins, receiving forked tokens. They have markets denominated in BTC, ETH, NEO, Tether and KucoinShares - their own token (similarly as on Binance).

Sign-up: Sign up here. Open, no verification necessary.

Just another new altcoin exchange that isn't overloaded yet. No scam accusations known, they have RaiBlocks and other new coins of the month. The CEO has background from Alibaba. Users who hold KCS get a bonus for holding that.


Overall Rating: GOOD

Best for: Trading small coins, moving fiat in and out via e-wallets (OkPay).

Sign-up: Sign up here. Open. Big influx of new people currently. Verification is not necessary but withdrawals are limited to 0.5 BTC worth a day without.

Mercatox is the next place to go if you aren't trading the coin of the day on Binance, or perhaps if you are up for some arb. The site has been cranky lately but they are working on it. They've signed up insane amount of new accounts over the past weeks.


Overall Rating: OK

Best for: Trading emerging coins like RaiBlocks, fiat transfers in or out via e-wallets (Payeer, WebMoney, AdvCash) or directly to a VISA card (with expensive fees). Trading costs only 0.1% maker and 0.18% taker though, which is very nice.

Sign-up: Sign up here. Open.

Small exchange with oldschool charting that will freeze during high loads. It is a new place but it looks like something from 2013, and it has a trollbox. The company is based in the UK but the website and selection of fiat currencies looks very Russia-oriented. There have been some scam accusations on bitcointalk.


Overall Rating: GREAT

Best for: Buy&hold, buying and selling for GBP

Sign-up: Sign up here. Open. Needs ID verification. Currently they have taken down the list of country residencies they allow and redirect new users directly to signup form and ID verification. They are also open to corporate accounts.

Coinfloor is a London-based exchange that has currently the most liquid GBP markets for BTC, BCH, ETH, ETC, LTC and XRP. For bitcoin they also added EUR, PLN and USD markets and they provide a desktop GUI for advanced trading via their API. They aim to be secure and transparent with public audits, professional brokers and decent customer service, all of which is a nice change for once. The fee is 0.3% maker taker, which is a lot, but they also have an OTC desk. The exchange rep Mark is on Reddit as u/Mark_Coinfloor. Coinfloor is VC backed by the co-founder of TransferWise Taavet Hinrikus and Adam Knight, the former MD of Goldman Sachs.


Overall Rating: GREAT

Best for: Cashing out in EUR via SEPA transfer, Coinmate is not an exchange for advanced trading. BTC, LTC and BCH markets.

Sign-up: Sign up here. Open. For fiat transfers they require video verification. Since December 2017 there has been a lot of new users and because the verification takes some time, be prepared to wait in queue for at least in hour.

This post is meant to compare cryptocurrency exchanges for trading but cashing out is vital for people who trade the fiat pairs. If you aren't willing to have your fiat balance sitting on an exchange (it really isn't the best you can do) you can either stick it to Bitfinex for lending, if you already have an account there since signups are still closed at the time of writing, or you will need to go through the process of moving your fiat to a bank. Coinmate only has BTCEUR market (and crypto markets for LTC and BCH). If you don't have an EUR bank account you might want to look up Revolut or similar apps and see if you can manage this either as an individual or by creating a company based in Europe. At the very least, put this on your bucket list of things to do when you cannot find an opportunity for a trade. It's slightly more productive than arguing with Reddit trolls and remember, you need to have this set up before you make that profit to move around.

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