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Kc  · 09/01/22

Interview with Daveatt / David Attias tradingview developer

David Attias is a top pine script developer on the TradingView charting Platform.
As of May 2022 he has achieved reputation of 7986 in total for scripts and strategies he publishes.
He has been posting ideas on TradingView since 2017.

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Daveatt / David Attias
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Tell us who you are how did you get into crypto?

I am David Attias, I trade and develop strategies and scripts in pine for clients via TradingView and
The first time ever that I invested in crypto was in April 2017. Back then I was betting big on Litecoin - I believed this was a “cheaper Bitcoin”… Back then I knew nothing about blockchain, tokenomics, FDV or any other fundamentals. I was literally buying every new shiny coins.

You are a top TradingView script developer. What was the most interesting kind of script you have worked on?

Not so long ago I published a free and open-source script to transform any indicator into a backtestable strategy with statistics.

The concept is simple - One only needs to do three things:

1) add 2 lines of code in his/her indicator
2) then add both the Strategy template and his indicator on the same chart
3) and connect his/her indicator from the strategy template settings

Here is the script: Ultimate Strategy Template on TradingView

What did your work in the trading community teach you?

Probably that most traders think that complex systems and high number of trades a day end up making more money - but it’s actually the contrary.

The simpler the better, and the less often you trade the less fatigued you get. That translates into making less mistakes, less losing trades and generally it produces less stress.

Business-wise, where do you see yourself in 5 year’s time?

I plan to focus on growing my platform where I teach others my trading method and I provide them with TradingView scripts to trade my favourite signals.

Who is the one personality in crypto that had the most influence on you?

In trading, CanteringClark. Very down-to-earth trader, doesn’t have a preference for direction - “numbers go up or down” - he just trades what he sees and not what he hopes will happen.

Shill me your favourite cryptocurrency or platform!

My favorite platform is the NFT marketplace LooksRare. I’m getting some $LOOKS rewards for trading NFTs there.

My favorite cryptocurrency is $STEPN, I love the concept of walking every day and getting paid for it.

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