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Kc  · 09/01/22

How to invest in Web3.0: List of opportunities

06/27/23 · Non directional · This is not a financial advice
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How to invest in Web 3.0, that’s a question that’s been on the top of the mind of a lot of people.

Tons of mostly young people are wondering what the next big thing will be in the world of technology, and Web 3.0 is a prime contender.

In case you live under a rock, the term Web3 or Web3.0 refers to the latest iteration of the online world, which is integrating everything from machine learning and artificial intelligence to augmented reality and the blockchain.

While it’s impossible to predict exactly which companies and industries will benefit the most from Web 3.0, there are a number of broad investment opportunities that await those who want to get in on this exciting new technology.

Here are three avenues worth investigating, whether you want to own a part of Web 3.0, or whether you think it’s just a buzzword that will attract a lot of people.

  1. Web3 Crypto Projects: BNB, MATIC, ETH

    Web3 is the latest version of the internet. It has a lot of new features, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, some of which are already widely used on the internet. One of the things about Web 3.0 that is most relevant here is that it integrates blockchain technology and cryptocurrency payments.

    That’s why you can easily get a stake in Web 3.0 by investing in Web 3.0 tokens of blockchain platforms that focus this way.

    That is done with the purpose of changing how we use the internet for things like shopping and banking. It’s still largely a proof of concept, but there’s already a couple of tools and platforms that have a lot of influence.

    First would be low-fee stablecoins.


    USDC is the stablecoin that has been most universally praised since the Terra crash, and its low fee iteration runs on the MATIC network. That makes Polygon MATIC a candidate for Web3 asset research. The Polygon network hosts a number of platforms for NFTs, staking and DeFi.


    On the other hand, it’s USDT that is the most widely used stablecoin, and the standard low fee variation commonly used for commercial payments is Tether on Binance Smart Chain. Binance is a behemoth in the crypto space and its exchange token, BNB, is sometimes considered a Web3 stock - an investment into the future of the holding that runs the Binance exchange and Trust Wallet.

    Another thing is that Binance is at the moment the largest crypto exchange by volume, and holding BNB is tied to such trading benefits that it creates a lot of buy pressure for the coin, no matter what the market conditions are.

    (By the way, you do not need Binance to buy or stake BNB.)


    Ethereum is the first blockchain platform designed and developed for Web3. Its scaling is not quite sufficient today and upgrades get delayed, but in spite of that it’s still one of the strongest and most traded cryptocurrencies today. It is the highest priced Web 3.0 cryptocurrency at the moment.

  2. DeFi and staking cryptocurrencies

    For many of those who are interested in dabbing into Web3 tools, decentralized finance will be the perfect place to start. There are rather complex DeFi protocols like Curve and others, but as staking got popular, easy-to-use tools started popping up as well.

    These days, DeFi staking and cold staking of a variety cryptocurrencies is the kind of investment that most people in the community consider the safest - or perhaps considered, until LUNA. The possibility of a crash is one of the risks of DeFi, even if you hold your coins in your own wallet, and even if you stake a stablecoin.

    Technically speaking though, it is easy to participate in Web3 economy and earn interest-like income with DeFi, because in the simplest iteration you just need to hold a cryptocurrency in a staking wallet or on an exchange with staking pools, such as Binance.

    The most popular coins to cold-stake in 2022 are ADA, ETH2, XTZ and TRX and you can do that directly from wallets like Exodus or Ledger. DeFi staking pays the best for small cryptos…whatever is on the menu at Binance.

  3. NFTs & Metaverse item - also obtainable via airdrops and bounties

    NFTs started off as collectibles and artworks, then carried on to disrupt the world of gaming and the next logical step is Metaverse. That’s because NFTs can encode any unique information, such as a contract to a piece of land or property.

    In the real world, there was always the same issue with blockchain solutions for luxury goods tracking or provenance: How to trustlessly encode something material into a blockchain that is purely virtual. But in Metaverse everything is virtual and so that problem is eliminated.

    Metaverse is a Web3-based application that allows users to own, use or create virtual assets. These assets can be anything from land and property to artwork items and avatar-like characters. Sure enough, projects that encode NFTs for a piece of land have been showing up in our airdrop section regularly in 2022 and there have been a couple of expensive land sales in Metaverse even before.

    Metaverse is still in its early stages, but it has the potential (and the PR) to become a major player in the world of Web 3.0. And since you can obtain Metaverse items through airdrops, there’s this great opportunity to get involved in this exciting new technology literally just for a couple of tweets.

And that’s it. If you’re looking for a way to invest some of your money in web3, any of these three options is an easy but reasonable way to go. Each has its own unique benefits that are worth exploring in more depth.

If you’re interested in holding a cryptocurrency that focuses on web3, check out this guide to buying BNB without KYC. If you want to own an NFT of a Metaverse item, take a look at Decentraland. And finally, if you’re interested in taking part in DeFi, staking cryptocurrencies are definitely worth checking out. Don’t try to forget you’re meant to pay taxes on all that, and always do your own research.

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