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Top News for the NFT space in 2023 So Far

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10/06/23 · Finance basics
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If you are an NFT enthusiast, staying knowledgeable and keeping up with the trends is important. People who manage to stay abreast of the latest happening never have to ask simple questions like the latest NFTs or “What are the best crypto to buy right now?”That’s one of the reasons why you’d want to look for the best websites for crypto news. Here, we’ve discussed some of the top scoops on what’s happening in the world of digital currencies and NFTs.

Chainers Releases an NFT Type Game is an innovative NFT game that offers a unique experience for those seeking fun in the Web 3.0 world. You can obtain Chainers NFTs daily and even bring them to reality through AR mode.

Using blockchain technology through Polygon, Chainers provides greater transparency and security in the game’s ecosystem, ensuring that your cards and currency are your own, which is perfect for blockchain miners NFT.

Angel City FC Launches Second NFT Series

The Angel City Football Club (ACFC) and have introduced a new series of NFTs. With more than 20,000 sold from their first NFT series, and ACFC hope to repeat that success with this collection called “We Are L.A.”

The theme for the 2023 season for ACFC is encapsulated in this selection, which pays homage to the diverse communities that make up the city of Los Angeles. The “Represent LA” NFT serves as the initiative’s introduction and a visual representation of the notion that not only the city but also the county’s numerous components are working together to shape LA’s distinctive character.

Three Los Angeles-based photographers who took part in a recent residency powered by both and ACFC had their works selected and are now available in the “We Are L.A.” NFT Collection.

During the 2022 season, three talented young artists of color captured home matches for ACFC in exchange for compensation. They put together a photo book to commemorate the event and gave it to supporters of ACFC’s six-group coalition, La Fortaleza.

On April 14h, representatives from the six participating groups were in a panel discussion with the artists in residence. At the end of the session, the artists each selected one image to transform into their first NFT.

There will be common, uncommon, and ultra-rare versions of these NFTs published over three separate months: July, August, and November. ACFC’s 10 percent giveback concept, in which 10 percent of all partnerships are returned back into the community, has been expanded through this program.

The NFT Market Is Skewed Toward Sellers

Recent statistics show that there were always more NFT sellers than buyers in the market for the entire month of April. Despite 8,641 sellers attempting to unload their NFTs on April 26, one of the best crypto information websites NFTGo, only recorded 7,907 buyers, per its findings.

On April 19, the NFT market reported its second-lowest volume in the previous twelve months, with just 5,893 buyers, a modest rise from the previous low volume day, June 18, 2022, when only 5,343 buyers were registered.

April 5 had 18,495 buyers and 36,422 sellers on the market, showing that April has never had a day with fewer sellers than buyers in the NFT market. This could be concerning for those planning to sell their NFT soon and worried about a lack of demand.

On March 11 the market recorded 9,754 sellers to 9,756 buyers, the last day with a net increase in buyers over sellers.

To Verify the Identity of Wallet Holders, Neobank Has Implemented Soulbound NFTs

By fusing Web 3.0 capabilities with digital banking, the modest New York-based Neobank hopes to enhance the crypto user experience. Cogni, a Neobank, has stated that it will provide holders of its crypto wallet with the non-transferable soulbound non-fungible tokens that include KYC data. The “Web2” know your customer (KYC) verification the bank performs on new account holders will be moved to a “Web3” environment via the Polygon-based NFT.

The US Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, via a traditional New York bank, is backing Cogni’s noncustodial multichain crypto wallet, which it launched in January. The wallet supports sending, receiving, and storing NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Users can mint the Soulbound NFT, which authorized DApps may then decrypt.

Former US President Trump Has Sold Out His Second NFT Collection

Donald Trump, the recent ex-president of the United States, said recently that his latest batch of NFTs had sold out. This new release portrays Trump in a wide range of roles, from a historical figure to a young patriot to a king to a global leader.

According to a tweet from Trump, the NFTs sold out fast and raised approximately $4.6 million.

The trading cards retailed for $99. Like his last set, they all featured “a unique pre-assigned rarity,” some of which were one-of-a-kind, while others were limited to only 10 copies. Credit cards, Ethereum, and WETH, were all accepted for payments. Series 1 of Trump Digital Trading Cards was issued in December 2022, with 45,000 cards being printed.

Out of 47,000 cards printed for Series 2, 46,000 were made available to the public. The deck of cards featured Trump in many different settings. The president from Emanuel Leutze’s “Washington Crossing Delaware” picture, a burly hunter, the king of hearts, an adventurer, a biker, and a rock star are just a few examples.

His dual allegiance was represented by a chess piece depicting him holding the globe in one hand and the American flag in the other.

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