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If you are a fan of Ripple it might be the right time to get verified on Bitstamp and Cryptofacilities if you haven’t done so already. Those are the regulated places where to trade Ripple and its derivatives.

Bitstamp has free/discounted Ripple trading right now

16 Feb 2017: Dear customers,

Today we are launching XRP/BTC trading on our exchange, yet another pair to add to our roster. A digital asset that is native to the Ripple Consensus Ledger, XRP can now be traded with BTC, USD and EUR.

To get things off to the best possible start for your XRP/BTC trades, we will be offering 0% fees until 28 February 2017, a 50% discount on fees until 31 March, and a 25% discount on fees until 30 April. The XRP fee schedule will revert to normal as of midnight on 1 May 2017.

Check out Ripple’s handy guide on how to buy XRP on Bitstamp here “How to buy XRP on Bitstamp”. Lastly, those of you who have been waiting for XRP trading on Bitstamp mobile for Android and iOS can get started from tomorrow onwards. We hope you enjoy these new services - keep your eyes peeled for further announcements in the coming weeks!

Best, The Bitstamp Team

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Cryptofacilities are the only ones to offer Ripple futures

Deposits on CF are insured and they offer a range of leverages. Liquidity is not the best but for long term trades it’s the place to be.

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BTW, there are Free Cryptofacilities Charts on TradingView if you didn’t know - you’ll need to select a XRP product manually from the select box as the CF charts are not normally listed (you cannot view these charts from your TV account).


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