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Kc  · 09/01/22

Airdrops Ending Soon (until 2 Dec 2022)

airdrop  This is a long but easy Gleam that rewards game slots in an upcoming play-to-earn. You can be one of the first users this way.


until 14 Dec
airdrop  A small pool of 3k USD for 10 winners in this Gleam.


until 10 Dec
airdrop  Fill the short Gleam to get a chan ce at one of the 500 NFTs.


until 11 Dec
airdrop  Gleam form that rewards 100 random users with up to 2K USD worth of tokens. The total pool is worth over 20k USD, the lowest prizes are worth 70 USD.


until 13 Dec
airdrop  This Gleam is run by a GameFi project and drops 10k USD worth of tokens. There are some daily tasks to rake up your entries.


until 19 Dec
airdrop  Read the rules for this Gleam, it wants you to submit a screenshot. The pool is 35,000,000 $WTT but tokens are not yet generated.


until 14 Jan
airdrop  Phemex exchange (which published merkle tree of reserves) runs a trading competition with 1BTC and 200k USD in prize pool. This is a team competition, the total PNL from contract trading over team makes the winners.


until 18 Dec
airdrop  Starts 10 Nov. The no-KYC exchange Phemex (that published merkle tree to prove 100% reserve) is giving away VIP account levels for 30 days to people who deposit over 200 USD worth and put down UID in a form. VIP gets you lower fees and larger withdrawal limits.


until 10 Dec
airdrop  ONLYFANS token got listed on the KYC exchange Bitmart on 28th Oct. Traders on spot ONLYFANS/USDT will be ranked by traded volume over period and 50 top traders will get a USDT bonus airdrop. Rewards go from 65 USDT to 1500 USDT per trader.


until 11 Dec
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