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BFX in ATNET Crypto glossary. What do crypto traders call BFX?

Key Points

  1. What it is: jargon
  2. Tools that do it: #bitfinex 

In crypto trading jargon, BFX is short for Bitfinex.

About Bitfinex Trading Platform

About Bitfinex

Bitfinex is a custodial crypto trading platform that provides spot trading, leveraged trading and crypto futures trading.

The company that owns Bitfinex also runs a noncustodial trading platform DeversiFi.

The Bitfinex platform caters towards active traders. It has a full featured interface with all you need for daytrading spot or futures market in crypto, and the same data-rich UI for the lending market.

On the other hand, Bitfinex doesn’t provide as high leverage as BitMEX and is not focused primarily on derivatives, which means the crowd on Bitfinex is less focused on very short-term speculation. Margin cascades are rare.

The user interface on Bitfinex has embedded charts from TradingView PRO.

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