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This is a list of all we have at AltcoinTrading.NET that deals with deribit. There might be good stuff in the glossary if you're new, or in trading strategies.

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Crypto options markets reflect the sentiment on the market and are small enough to split the whales from the retail. That makes them a useful tool for technical analysis.

crypto technical analysis · 12/30/21


(Quick & easy KYC) Deribit is your 2021 BitMEX alternative for perps and other crypto derivatives trading. Fee discount with referral link.

trading platforms · 12/16/21


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Quarterlies (uses ftx  deribit  )
What do crypto traders call quarterlies and where to trade it?
Pattern Trading (Formation Trading) (uses ftx  deribit  bitfinex  )
What is pattern trading and what are the best performing formation patterns to watch for in crypto.