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Why Using Metamask Casinos To Wager is Smarter

06/27/23 · Reports · This is not a financial advice
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Note: This report was written in 2022 and remains published for reference purposes.

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Since November 2022, anyone who did not know that the saying ‘not your keys, not your coin’ exists for a reason surely got the point with the collapse of FTX.

The online casinos have caught up with the game and likewise started promoting the use of Metamask, the self-hosted Web3 wallet that runs as an app within your web browser. Metamask gambling is simply gambling on one of these crypto casinos, where all financial transactions are conducted using various cryptocurrencies.

The use of Metamask when interacting with casinos has a ton of benefits, including the ones listed below.

The Security is Better

The use of cryptocurrencies has led many online casinos in becoming accepting toward them. This is because they do not require any kind of personal information from you, which makes it easier for the site’s security purposes since there isn’t anything that could identify the individual, and therefore nothing to protect. This reduces possible identity theft by hackers who might be trying gain access into personal accounts unnoticed - something we all want avoided right?

Thanks to this, your crypto wallet should be the app where you get concerned with security.

As long as they have a cryptocurrency wallet that is self hosted and nobody except you has the private keys, your profits are safe from most common heists and frauds.

Anonymity is a priority

When it comes to cryptocurrency casinos, you will not only be able to enjoy the benefit of keeping secure but also the element of anonymity. You are better positioned to gamble without concerns when you do not offer any of your information, whether it relates to your personal life or finances.

This is especially sought after by those who want to keep their gambling tendencies under wraps and those whose employment or communities shun betting and similar types of entertainment.

Fund Transfers are Fast

Transferring cryptocurrency across country borders is one of the best, most affordable, and quick ways to move money you use to wager.

Crypto transfers reflect almost immediately on both accounts, with very little waiting time. Another noteworthy element is that the transfer is often provided at much lower charge. As a result, another advantage is that you can transfer your currencies swiftly and without paying any extra fees typical to other payment channels. You won’t have to pay commissions or service fees, and you can keep more of your earnings.

The crypto wallet can be a savings account

The vast majority of people who are concerned about their financial situation are consistently on the lookout for fresh strategies to increase their income. The same holds true in terms of economizing your funds, which you can perform effectively by utilizing a cryptocurrency casino.

Your digital money can be saved in your cryptocurrency wallet, which can also act as savings account for you. Most good wallets offer the option to cold stake some of the larger cryptocurrencies. That means you can earn additional income on your earnings for locking them up and contributing to the security of the blockchain.


Gambling is a fun way to spend your money, but remember that you have got too be responsible. If not for yourself then consider what will happen if the police come knocking on howrenstein’s door because he lost all his savings at craps - nobody wants that!

One great option in order avoid some of these negative sides of wagering online? Use self-hosted wallets like Metamask for your gambling where there are less risks of fraud or identity theft on your profits.

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