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2 Basic Types of Investment You Can Make as a Small Business Owner

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06/27/23 · Finance basics
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If you are an entrepreneur, you are probably aware that you can invest money on behalf of your company. In the space of cryptoassets, the details vary between jurisdiction: In some you need to get a license, in others such as in the well-known digital hub Estonia, companies can trade on crypto markets with their own profits without any license.

Either way, investing money on behalf of your company involves taking certain calculated risks. In that regard, you are very aware that every dollar counts and is important.

So, as the owner of a business, it might pay off to look into what kinds of financial investments you might make that will satisfy both criteria. Learning how to invest on behalf of your company so that it is more productive, lucrative, and competitive is an essential skill for any entrepreneur who wants to remain relevant and successful.

And because it’s always good to diversify, let’s look at the two basic ways to invest your business profits to.

Innovative: Cryptocurrency

Some businesses choose to invest in cryptocurrencies to have exposure to the bleeding-edge of tech development. Some on the other hand choose crypto as an investment because they think that TradFi markets do not provide any good opportunities to invest in anymore.

Legally speaking, the term “cryptocurrency” usually refers to any blockchain-based digital token, whether it is a currency or an app-token or an NFT. The laws have not really caught up with the intricacies of blockchain technology yet.

If you’re interested in investing in cryptocurrencies, you may purchase a crypto using either fiat money or other, larger cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or a stablecoin.

If you are well-versed in the technical side of holding crypto, then the easiest way is to have the transaction take place on a crypto exchange platform that allows users to take a look at the digital currency list and buy to hold or trade cryptocurrencies at their market prices worldwide.

There are also exchange traded funds and other TradFi products available for those who do not want to hold the actual crypto, though.

Traditional: Stock Market

The traditional ways to invest made by business owners is investing in the stock market. The ownership of a company is typically broken up into thousands of shares that may then be bought and held or traded for financial gain.

When you buy a share of a company’s stock on the stock market, you are investing a fraction of the overall profits and assets of that particular business. To be able to get an inside look at how the stock market operates, you regularly need to follow the latest stock market analysis and be in line with the latest developments with the companies that you consider investing in.

You can acquire and sell shares in various companies if you are an investor. You will be in a position to sell the shares at a higher price and grasp a profit if the value of the shares increases. In some circumstances, corporations will pay dividends to their shareholders, which is another option to make a profit if you decide to hold on to the shares you’ll eventually get.

Final Thoughts

It’s important to remember that there are now multiple ways to start investing, and each approach has its own unique benefits. While some of these might seem a bit risky, they only require small investments of your time and money. So don’t let those factors scare you away. Consider giving them a try today and see where it leads you.

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