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This is a list of all blogs at AltcoinTrading.NET that deal with independent reserve. There might be good stuff in the glossary as well, by the way.

Shitcoins  trading-platforms 
Yield Farming Platforms in 2021 (And where to learn about every new DEX) Updated 05 May '21 

How to navigate the DeFi space to maximize your farming yields, plus resources to learn about the new DEXes early.

Altcoins  crypto-value-judgement 
Polkadot Vs Cardano: Which Will Reign Supreme In 2021? Updated 26 Apr '21 

Independent reserve 101 in ATNET Glossary

Independent reserve in Trading Strategies

Best Practices for Profit-Taking: Fungibility of BTC, Coin Control and more

Did you HODL for years? Coin control will make it easier to sell

Market Timing in Crypto

Timing the market has a bad rap. But there are strategic approaches to it, even on crypto markets.

Complete Crypto DCA Strategy: Why, How, Where

Did you know by how much can DCA beat HODL?

Wyckoff trading method for ranging markets

Fully reworked primer on ranging crypto markets. Includes Wyckoff method for market phases and recommended TradingView scripts.

Crypto Investment Strategy: Step By Step Guide to Long-Term Holding

Full walkthrough with all the basics you need to have down for a sensible mid to long-term cryptocurrency investment strategy. With a case in point - XRP.

Fulcrum Bottom

Fulcrum bottom has been talked about a lot lately thanks to mentions in Peter Brandt's reports. Describing it as 'head & shoulders except at the bottom' is not quite cutting it though.

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