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What do crypto traders call Moonmath and where to get it?

Key Points

  1. What it is: jargon
  2. Tools that do it:

In crypto, Moonmath is a half-joke prediction model for future Bitcoin price based on past performance.

The basic Moonmath table projects a price development starting from a certain past timespan. It tells you on which future date the price of Bitcoin will reach one million dollars, should the trend of the selected timeframe continue.

Moonmath is available at, a website developed and maintained by Redditor u/jarederaj.


Moonmath exists just for fun, but since every crypto-related website has to disclaim that its contents are just for fun due to financial regulations, it is worth explaining why Moonmath actually exists just for fun.

  • Moonmath uses a mathematical model that projects future performance based off past performance. This idea is extremely unreliable in general.
  • The projection that Moonmath gives is too linear. It predicts a slow, steady price action which is not the reality of cryptocurrency trading at all.


Since its inception, the Moonmath website started hosting other price projection tools that are to be taken seriously since they are more reliable in nature.

  • Azop’s Rainbow Charts that are otherwise only available through Reddit’s long lost and not searchable comments, or through now defunct website (Archive link)

  • Supert’s Bitcoin price projection based off network activity which is actually a very good approach to assess a crypto’s fundamentals. Redditor u/_supert_ posts them only as comments to Reddit’s daily threads, hence they are also easy to miss.

An old version of Supert’s Bitcoin price prediction model is available on Github.

Tools for Crypto Long-Term Holding that are better than Moonmath

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